About Native Education World Intelligence


Native Education World Intelligence (NEWI) is organized to do business under The Tzo’-Nah Fund to explore religion and scientific research of the dual nature of the human as both a physical and intangible being.  In September of 1973, Henry-Joseph Paradise, a Paiute Indian and his spirit-being, Joseph, announced the trial-test and tribulation, command mission and fireplace tablet.  Joseph, The Instruction.

The basic premise is we are all native to earth; we humans are made of the same texture. Our history, sciences, mathematics, philosophies, religions, and ways of perceiving “reality” all present a worldview subdivided into many categories of study.

NEWI bases its pursuit of “truth” on the premise of “do not harm one another”, “give”, and “forgive.” These laws or some use the phrase, “the golden rule”, were given to humankind in our ancient past and continue to be at the base of any good neighbor policy or rule. The fourth law or rule is know where your God is and communicate with him (as an intangible God is intelligent vibrational energy carried on light within you as spirit). God is an intangible asset we all possess as Spirit, as does everything in the natural world, including the cosmos.

For the last 2000 years we have been working with only one line, the line to the human mind. The human mind is processing the five known senses, the fears, and the emotions. Spirit is gifted to us as conscience, life, and breath. Conscience contains wisdom. When we are working with both lines, the human mind and the spirit mind, we are uplifting those around us, which is our gift to our neighbors.

NEWI invites academic knowledge-based critique as well as sharing information in consideration of any work directed toward making tangible or having the best understanding of the intangible nature of all humankind in this time-space and epoch.

NEWI has published I Am Joseph, The Instruction, Tzo’-Nah 1996. A detailed description of the book is included in the Books & Resources page on this site.