The Four Dimensions of Societies' People

Copyright © 2016 The Tzó-Nah Fund

Excerpt from book "I Am Joseph, The Instruction" verbatim dialogue of Henry-Joseph Paradise, Paiute.

     The push in interpreting the tablet is to be directed to the tablet's measurements.  The tablet's measures is an instruction into figures.  The figures in the tablet are added, multiplied and squared representing the dimensions of human standard on earth.  The mathematical system in the spiritual nature of universal beginnings is pronounced into three different categories of human dimensions.  The three dimensions or classifications of human standard upon the face of the earth are recognized as caste.  People are of three different commands or classes:  the average, the middle, and the high.  These dimensions or commands are likened to the sheep, the sheep shearers, and the owners of the sheep.  

   The average masses of people are the sheep.  This is the mass of peoples.  We are all born into the average mass.  The average mass is the poor or the common people, the working class.  The average mass add themselves from day to day, dollar to dollar.  The first dimension of people is the mainstay of our civilization.  They are society's work force and the armies without which we would be nothing.  They go to war when it is declared.  These are also the people who panic and en masse set off crisis at any given time.  They clean up the mess infested by other people, especially the second dimension, the self-conscious group, the business world.

   The sheep shearers are the middle class.  People with an education are included into the second dimension.  They multiply themselves into positions of overseers and management.  They take the orders and distribute.

   The high command are the owners of the sheep. The third dimension, the high, is the elite. This is the high cosmic conscience, meaning the mathematicians and scientists.  The third dimension once included priests, but because priests violated the good teachings for the last four to five thousand years, they are left out.  Although few belong to this dimension, they have the controlling hand.

   Those are the three commands, the sheep, the keeper, and the owner.  The three dimensions of the human are regulated by the negative god in two parts, and the human mind.  It is from these three dimensions that we, as a society of humankind, have gained our present instructions, our understanding of all science and spiritual teachings.  From here it goes into the fourth dimension.  The fourth dimension is a different quality from the first three dimensions.  This is the vibration from our god, especially if we hear the word.  When the communication line is open between the spirit and his creation, this is the fourth dimension.

  The fourth spirit or fourth mind is the god-spirit-mind and is the spirit-son.  The fourth mind is the submerged mind and is the depository of the human-spirit-body mind's memories.  it records everything you see, hear, touch, smell, or experience throughout your life.  It is the highest point and is out of the first three human dimensions. The first three dimensions of the human population are under the human mind and the negative god in two parts, the animal instinct and negative emotions.  It the emotions are not expressed in the negative as sins, it is the reflection of the true god in you.