The First Law

Copyright © 2016 The Tzó-Nah Fund

Excerpt from book "I Am Joseph, The Instruction" verbatim dialogue of Henry-Joseph Paradise, Paiute.

   The four laws were given to the early people twenty thousand years ago.  They were given again at the time of the great flood and again five to six thousand years ago.  The first law to the peoples of this earth is "Do not violate your neighbor in any form."

   Your neighbors are the people around you, your family, your friends, people you work with, people you see on an everyday basis, all the people of this earth.  A violation to your neighbor is when you lie.  A violation to your neighbor is when you steal.  When you rob,  murder, and do all those debauchery systems of sins, it is a violation.  The do not violate question covers all the measures considered by the Ten Commandments in the Bible.

   Do not violate your neighbor means do not violate the innocent or the poor, the minority.  The law states do not harm each other.  Do not criticize your neighbor, do not harm your neighbor physically or spiritually.  You can harm someone spiritually by criticizing with the intent to harm by calling people names and all such actions.  The do not violate anyone means you cannot criticize to hurt or degrade your neighbor or intimidate him in any possible way.  

   Our violations to our neighbors come through the negative emotions.  Violations to our neighbors are destructive in our society's leadership and this is a measure causing wars and conflicts.  Civilizations throughout history went down because of the violation to their neighbor.  Nations have crumbled because of the vile treatment of people through slavery, keeping the poor down and holding them to their place, to the most severe form of sacrificing the human body.