The Second Law

Copyright © 2016 The Tzó-Nah Fund

Excerpt from book "I Am Joseph, The Instruction" verbatim dialogue of Henry-Joseph Paradise, Paiute.

   The second law to humans upon the face of the earth is to give.  Give your neighbor thanks, praise, and blessings.  Thank your neighbor for every good cause and praise him for his good actions.  Our judgement, your neighbor's judgment, will make sure you will receive some kind of reward for helping your neighbor.  All gifts are going to be received by helping your neighbor.  Your blessing to your neighbor is the trust you give him.

   The Bible states to love your neighbor; the word in this teaching is trust your neighbor.  The words, love your neighbor, are mistaken for the human quality of love.  Humans love anything beautiful; anything tempting is to the same question.  The less we use the word love concerning our neighbor, the better.  The truth is if you love someone, you trust them, love is trust.  

   The word is trust.  Bless your neighbor with your trust and in turn, he will bless you with his trust. Bless, praise, and thank your fellow human is the holy trinity because it unites humankind with peace and harmony.

   Give your blessings, praises, and your thanks to your fellow human always as he is your help.  Your neighbor is carrying the god who will help you because he, as a human, has the hands to uplift you when you fall.