The Third Law

Copyright © 2016 The Tzó-Nah Fund

Excerpt from book "I Am Joseph, The Instruction" verbatim dialogue of Henry-Joseph Paradise, Paiute.

   Forgive is the third law.  To forgive, you have to give.  That is why give is the second law, you have to give before you can forgive.  At one point or another we all have to forgive one another.  To live in peace, forgiveness has to occur.  When anything happens between you and your neighbor, forgiveness has to be pronounced in both directions, accepted in both directions.  When you are asked to forgive and that request is done in sincerity and repentance, you must give your forgiveness.  When you do something wrong to your neighbor you have to ask for forgiveness and vice versa your neighbor will do the same.  

   To give and forgive is a hard reference and commandment because as a human you are regulated by the emotions.  Giving and forgiving will give you the patience and goodwill to trust and live in hospitality of those around you.

   Giving and forgiving will allow the energy flow in your body to move and you will enjoy your life more which is the basis of good health.  Give first and then you can forgive.  Forgive everything.  You are to ask forgiveness for every wrongdoing.  In your lifetime you will be asking for forgiveness, thousands and thousands of times.  You also will release and give forgiveness thousands and thousands of times.  We in the spirit world forgive humans because humans are created differently from the way we spirits are created.