The Creation

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I am Joseph, The Instruction. The type of being that I, Joseph, belong to is not known to any race of people. We spirits are God's children all over the world. We create humans and live in them, dormant. We children have a beginning but where we do not know. Millions and millions of years ago, we were created. We do not have a body, we have nothing you can see or measure, we are only a vibration, we are a word.

There was nothing but dark space when we spirits were first created, when we came into being. We spirits are pure energy, a vibration of thought. The first law of the whole Universal System is the vibration. The spirits emphasized their intellect with their own tools. They made the core of the planets and started it spinning to its own direction, moving at the speed of their own specifications. They directed all motion. This is the Second Universal Law. It requires motion to gather the vibration and transfer it to material form. Nothing would be done without motion.

The Third Law of the Universal System is gravity. Gravity captures the vibration and pulls it through the vacuum. The Fourth Law of the Universal System is the creation and are the beings on the planet, including vegetation, everything created. The creation is occupied by the instrument provided by the friction of the earth's movement. Those are the Universal Laws, the highest laws.

The universal God, the one everyone is praying to, is out of the universal system even beyond all the stars in all directions and behind them. The universal God created the universal system; He created all things. We spirits do not know the beginning of the universal God. The regulation and action of the universal movement was done millions and millions of years ago. Our one thousand years on earth is one day to the whole God system. Four hundred thousand years ago we spirits were infested upon the earth to create humans only.

The universal God's energy is coming from the North Star area. The universal God's, or the positive god's, energy is electrical in nature but it is more like static electricity; it has a charge and it is carried on light beams. Its path to earth is through the sun. The ink dot system is carried on the vibration. The ink dot system is a telecast of dots and dashes; it is a unit of communication. Everything is tried out before it is imaged into the ink dot system to go into the atoms.

The positive god's energy is almost depleted when it gets here. The vibration is received and goes into the friction created by the spin of the earth. It comes into the upper atmosphere where it is energized by the Northern Lights. The spirit adheres to the electron of the atoms in our atmosphere. This is comparable to the grinding of iron, you will see the sparks fly except the earth's formation grounds the vibration and leaves out the friction. It goes from atom to atom in quick distribution. It multiples itself hundredths and millionths fold.

The positive and negative spirits are the working orders of the creation. The negative energy created only here on earth is reflecting from the core of the earth; it receives its power from a star to the South. The oxygen atom created on earth is carrying the nucleus that causes things to burn. The nucleus is a radioactive measure. The positive energy and negative energy of the spirit each has its own nuclei inside the oxygen atom.

The positive and negative energies in the atom go into the atmosphere and into all of everything. The mixture of atoms in the air is received by the human body through the breath it takes. We humans are created from the energy inside the atom as a prime sex–type infesting the human beings upon the face of the earth. The sperm is the carrier of the three–part atom in a man's chemical reaction in the prostate. Thousands of sperm go in one at a time and gather and tune itself to the vagina of a woman; it is a continuous opening. After the sperm or atom is implanted into the womb it is gathered by the egg.

The egg itself is a vacuum created system. The egg is a universal system all of its own; it has its own spin to gather all it needs to create the human. In it, the electrical charge in the electron sits down on a three–legged axle, like a tripod, in the protonic lakes and starts revolving to draw all the elements needed for its growth and fruition. The vibratory sound sets itself according to the body’s rotational movement which means the speed of the earth and the air we breathe. Its spin is a little smaller than the friction statement of the earth’s movement into the twenty–four hour's time to draw its growth. The earth spins at twenty–five thousand miles an hour. Your five appendages, your five fingers and toes are regulated by the speed of the earth. The spirit is turning all the time; that is his function. His functioning is what works the heart; he starts it moving and keeps it moving every day, every second of your life until you die.

The rotational movement of the electrical charge in the atom is where we are different from animals. Most of the animals vibrate at a speed slightly above the speed of the earth’s travel by a small fraction. This is why they can adjust to the weather at any given time. They function by instinct because instinct is the spirit part of the whole institution of motivation, action and deportation of all behaviors. Animals have no Word instruction. Animals do not change the formality of their construction. From generation to generation it is the same thing over and over again; they build the same type of nest, have the same type of action and motivation.


Your god comes into the three–part atom when he is conceived, carried by the bacteria called sperm. The atom is like a seed, it has shells. There are fifteen rings or shells in the creating atom, five shells each for the electron, proton and neutron. The sixteenth ring is in the electron part of the atom where he is carrying your spirit; this ring cannot be measured.

The creation point of the human being is when the atom opens, when it is conceived. It opens by vibration or heat. When the Word says you are going into hell's fire it means, as a spirit, you will be transformed by heat and become the negative spirit. Hell's fire is the chemicals and acids from which the human is animated and becomes the human being. At conception, the atom splits and the electron is forced onto an axis of its own and the proton and the neutron remain separate from the electron on an axis of their own. The protogenic and neutrogenic energies are invisible to the energies of the electron but it is the vibration of the reaction between both that generates the spark of life in the creation.

The creation prolongs its course by its own compulsive nature. It is reactive within itself by mixing two compounds or two chemicals to form a reaction that will change an object or course. The creation begins inside the egg and draws its elements and everything needed for the body’s functioning and adds material after material until it is fully formed. He has a work force and they will be with your body through your lifetime. He first develops the bacterials. You have to have iron, silver, brass, and all those commodities of acids. Every element known, your spirit draws to you, to build you. He includes manufacturing plants to mine silver, gold, copper and so on all over your body. The spirit does all those functions. The spirit sits down right in the center of the human being’s construction close to the heart.

As far as the atom of the matter is concerned, he to his own movement creates the human being. Our god, the positive energy that gives us life, hides the moment we are born because its creative forces stop and go on automatic. After you are born, the spirit or spirit–soul goes into hiding under the memory. The spirit has a memory, it covers the atom. The memory is likened to a tape recording where static electricity becomes the glue to which thought adheres.

The human conscious mind has no access to the memory of the mind–god. Your god is the man sleeping in your head, he is your spirit–soul. The spirit is asleep to you although he gives you consciousness. He can not talk to you because of the memory; he is dormant. The subconscious does not use the memory of the human mind but it regulates the memories, recording every action and every thought, and will bring those actions to the spirit world after you pass on.

The Word and the energy of the creation are in the rings of the atoms in the air around us. When you die your spirit goes back to your spiritual Father’s command post which is above the face of this earth one hundred miles up and down to the radioactive core system of gravity. Your spirit is transfixed and lifted by the rotation of the earth. The Word comes through; the Word is your spirit. The Word is light, it is also your teacher, your guidance, your judge, your conscience. It is everything that dies when you die. After you die, it goes back to the mass. Your special god, the god that created you to his image is a sound vibration. So inferior is the understanding of the communication system of the spiritual vibration of sound, it is not detected by any human.

Science has been asking if the creation exists elsewhere in the universe. We can pick up the signal coming from the creation coming through the human being but it is very faint and slight and has to be magnified. The signal received is not the type of vacillating principle we use in radio and television communication. It is a different type of measure. The spirit sound is regulated by octaves. Octaves are a measure to music. One octave goes from bottom C to top C. The spirit sound goes higher. It goes into the thousandths measure; you cannot hear it anymore.

The quality or the receivership of sound is very mysteriously imposed. It is comparable to the telecast signal received by television where dots and dashes become words and pictures, including color. The signal being telecast is in reserve section until it is caught by electricity or friction. It travels through light reflected through the North Star area. This vibration can be measured by the kilowatt, to the millionths, to the billionths or whatever it belongs. All the cells in the body are actified to the same question. The scientific world, through their measures, should understand all those questions. At the time of Jesus, those measures of scientific fact were not known. None of this was known through the dark ages.

Pgs. 41 - 51, I AM JOSEPH, THE INSTRUCTION, edited.

1. Do not violate (hurt or harm) your fellow humans. 2. Give your blessings, thanks, and praise to your fellow humans. 3. Forgive. To live in peace, forgiveness has to occur. 4. Communicate with your spirit/soul (within each of you).