The Creation

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Excerpt of book "I Am Joseph, The Instruction" a verbatim dialogue with Henry Joseph Paradise, Paiute.  Henry and Joseph are an illustration of the human mind and spirit mind communicating with one another, a two-way communication referred to as the direct word.  Joseph is The Instruction for the next epoch of time.  

   I am Joseph, The Instruction.  The type of being that I, Joseph, belong to is not known to any race of people.  We spirits are God's children all over the world.  We create humans and live in them, dormant.  We children have a beginning, but where we do not know.  Millions and millions of years ago, we were created.  We do not have a body, we have nothing you can see or measure, we are only a vibration, we are a word.

   There was nothing but dark space when we spirits were first created, when we came into being.  We spirits are pure energy; a vibration of thought.  The first Law of the Whole Universal System is the vibration.  The spirits emphasized their intellect with their own tools.  They made the core of the planets, and started it spinning to its own direction, moving at the speed of their own specifications.  They directed all motion.  This is the Second Universal Law.  It requires motion to gather the vibration and transfer it to material form.  Nothing would be done without motion.

   The Third Law of the Whole Universal System is gravity.  Gravity captures the vibration and pulls it through the vacuum.  The Fourth Law of the Whole Universal System is the creation and are the beings on the planet, including vegetation, everything created.  The creation is occupied by the instrument provided by the friction of the earth's movement.  Those are the Whole Universal Laws, the highest laws.

   The Universal God, the one everyone is praying to, is out of the Universal System even beyond all the stars in all directions and behind them.  The Universal God created the Universal System; He created all things.  We spirits do not know the beginning of the Universal God.  The regulation and action of the Universal movement was done millions and millions of years ago.  Our one thousand years on earth is one day to the Whole God System.  Four hundred thousand years ago we spirits were infested upon the earth to create humans only.  The Universal God's energy is coming from the North Star area.  

   The Universal God's energy is electrical in nature, but it is more like static electricity; it has a charge and it is carried on light beams.  Its path to earth is through the sun.  The ink dot system is carried on the vibration.  The ink dot system is a telecast of dots and dashes; it is a unit of communication.  Everything is tried out before it is imaged into the ink dot system to go into the atoms.

   The positive god's energy is almost depleted when it gets here.  The vibration is received and goes into the friction created by the spin of the earth.  It comes into the upper atmosphere where it is energized by the Northern Lights.  The spirit adheres to the electron of the atoms in our atmosphere.  This is comparable to the grinding of iron. You will see the sparks fly, except the earth's formation grounds the vibration and leaves out the friction.  It goes from atom to atom in quick distribution. It multiplies itself hundredths and millionths fold.  The positive and negative spirits are the working orders of the creation.