The Four Channels

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Excerpt of book "I Am Joseph, The Instruction" a verbatim dialogue with Henry Joseph Paradise, Paiute.  Henry and Joseph are an illustration of the human mind and spirit mind communicating with one another, a two-way communication referred to a the direct word.  Joseph is The Instruction for the next epoch of time. 

There are four possible channels to access the intelligence of your subconscious mind or your god.  That first one is through dreams, a very fanatical state of mind that can be twisted by the complexity of the functioning of the brain.  Dreams are instructively encoded and encrypted.  On some nights you have nightmares.  Through dreams, the vibration comes from the ninth sense cosmic field to the computing measure of the brain to the sixth sense mind where it is met with sins starting with fear.  Any wrong inscription between the sixth and seventh sense through human thinking can distort any meaningful intent of dreams.  Most of the Indian medicine power, healers, and other similar types of people are receiving their inspiration through the commandment of dreams.  The reception  through dreams is loaded with fear and the emotions that lead to superstition and witchery.  All different types of understanding come through dreams while you sleep and none of it can be interpreted to any true measure.

The second channel is through inspiration, thoughts coming from the subconscious mind to the human mind are revealed by intense thought or focus upon a question, subject or desire to know something.  Our scientists and great thinkers use this channel with positive high desire or the seventh sense emotion.  The New Testament was conducted by inspired men through the ninth sense cosmic field to the seventh sense that is directly connected to the sixth sense where fear and superstition are composed.  Their message, born out of spiritual desire, touched very little upon the eighth sense that is our god's measure.

The third channel is through a vision.  I, Henry, have many visions.  I have my own television screen in my head.  To me it is an everyday occurrence because I, Joseph, put that on display for Henry.  I, Joseph, can make Henry see anything anytime.  Visions are channeled through the seventh and eighth sense from the Father's universal system.  It is a lesser command than the direct communication line with your god because the reception goes through the seventh sense where it is violated by the devil.  Receiving visions has been gifted in past times to different people.  Moses and the Mormon prophet, Joseph Smith, received their instruction from visions, but that was not enough as it was part truth and that is all.  Visions are a gift received to benefit society in need of help while the line to the fourth dimension is closed.

The communication between Henry and I exists in a different plane from all other channels.  This measure comes from the ninth sense, or subconscious mind, spirit-mind, or god-mind, to the eighth sense and from there out the mouth at the tongue level.  The human body is created and made to receive the spirit sound, a vibration coming from different sections of the universal system, to the eighth sense.  The eighth sense or the solar plexus is a remote controlled receiving device.  The eighth sense picks up a signal carrying a message that is referred out through the human voice box to people's listening posts.  This is the fourth dimension.

In times of emergency or crisis, someone has always been notified by the spirit side through one of the four channels:  dreams, visions, inspiration, or the Word directly.  We have all heard about Jesus, Noah, Moses, down to our presidents such as Lincoln, who arose during the crisis of slavery.  Usually, someone arises from the poorest of the poor or from the illiterate to deal with the pending crises.  There have been many who have been selected by the Spirit Council System to deliver a particular message to a particular time and there will be many more.  To open to a fourth dimension, or the god-mind, you, as a human, have to go through a trial-test tribulation method.

The kind of communication Henry and I, Joseph, have has no connection to psychic or medium phenomenon. Psychics, mediums, and all those who refer to telepathic messages are receiving thought from the ninth sense cosmic field through the brain partition occupied by the emotions, followed by fear, which is associated with witchery. It transverses from thought command to the sixth or seventh sense or both, distorting the message. It is a dangerous accommodation to come this way and at the wrong time. The message received by psychics is a word–type or thought command. If you are not qualified, which means you are not given the right, and you are undeveloped, the sound goes around you like a dream. In this state, your god, is likely to tell you anything. When it does come forth, it is accommodated in reverse form because the brain computing it is closed to the creation measures of the Word.

Currently there is no science dedicated to research into the communication between the human mind and the subconscious mind. No words are provided in our current scientific understanding to talk about the substance and means of travel of the spirit. The Word that I, Joseph, am, is a sound vibration or a vibratory thought carried on light. The broadcasting system or signal of our universal God from its telecasting post somewhere out in the universe reaches everywhere upon the face of the earth. The spirit's media system is included in the human body; we spirits can be detected.

At the time of Jesus, measures of scientific fact were not known. The Bible tries to explain where our god is but the people translating the Bible put God out of the humans' reach into the heavens. Heaven is a system of another dimension, to the spirit side, which are energy forces only, and for all intents and purposes, resides in the atmosphere of earth. The ozone layer of the atmosphere of earth is the speed zone of the spirit's vibration.

You can go to heaven through the understanding and into the fourth dimension, which is the communication point with your god. Heaven is within us through the doorway at the eighth sense. The way to God is not far away from you in heaven; he is right within you. This is what the Bible is trying to refer to when it says you go to heaven. The statement in the Bible is in the prayers of affection for our Father who art in heaven. His heavenly kingdom is in fact all over but to the point, the gateway to heaven is within each of us always.

The Bible says after you die you can go to heaven and you will find a peaceful place with no wars and no laborsome burdens. After you die, as humans, your spirit leaves your body. The body is clay that belongs to the earth and the body degenerates and decomposes and that is it. You, as a human, do not go to heaven, your spirit goes there. Your spirit returns to the dimensions inside light, to the energy found there on a very small, minified scale, where we can no longer see it or perceive it with our human mind or human machines.

Pgs. 78 - 85, I AM JOSEPH, THE INSTRUCTION, edited.

1. Do not violate(hurt or harm) your fellow humans. 2. Give your blessings, thanks, and praise to your fellow humans. 3. Forgive. To live in peace, forgiveness has to occur. 4. Communicate with your spirit/soul(within each of you).