The Four Laws

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I am Henry’s spirit, his spirit–soul, his inner mind, his subconscious mind, his special god, one of the children of God infested upon the earth to create humans only. I do live in his body and use his five senses but I am not connected to him. This is a strict rule of the spirit world, of the spirit children. We do not communicate with humans unless he follows the orders. The orders to the humans are the golden rules of life of do not violate your fellow human, give and forgive. I will open to my creation, the human, by his understanding of the four laws.

I, Joseph, speak to all to illustrate the Word. To receive its glory, we will have an understanding of our spiritual nature. The four laws are what people will understand. The spirit part, the intangible part, the energy that is invisible to people is not known at this time. The four laws were given to the early people twenty thousand years ago. They were given again at the time of the great flood and again five to six thousand years ago. Three laws are given to the humans on this earth and they are do not violate your fellow human, give and forgive. The fourth law is communicate with your god and this you can do by knowing where your god is and what it is.

The first law to the peoples of this earth is do not violate your neighbor in any form. Your neighbors are the people around you, your family, your friends, people you work with, people you see on an everyday basis, all the people of this earth. A violation to your neighbor is when you lie. A violation to your neighbor is when you steal. And, when you rob, when you murder and when you do all those debauchery systems of sins, it is a violation. The do not violate question covers all the measures considered by the Ten Commandments in the Bible.

Do not violate your neighbor means do not violate the innocent or the poor, the minority. The law states do not harm each other. Do not criticize your neighbor, do not harm your neighbor physically or spiritually. You can harm someone spiritually by criticizing with the intent to harm by calling people names and all such actions. The do not violate anyone means you cannot criticize to hurt or degrade your neighbor or intimidate him in any possible way. Our violations to our neighbors come through the negative emotions. Violations to our neighbors are destructive in our society’s leadership and this is a measure causing wars and conflicts. Civilizations throughout history went down because of the violation to their neighbor. Nations have crumbled because of the vile treatment of people through slavery, keeping the poor down and holding them to their place, to the most severe form of sacrificing the human body.

The second law to humans upon the face of the earth is give. Give to your neighbor your thanks, praise and blessings. Thank your neighbor for every good cause and praise him for his good actions. Our judgement, your neighbor’s judgement will make sure you will receive some kind of reward for helping your neighbor. All gifts are going to be received by helping your neighbor. Your blessing to your neighbor is the trust you give him.

The Bible states love your neighbor; the word in this teaching is trust your neighbor. The words, love your neighbor, are mistaken for the human quality of love. Humans love anything beautiful; anything tempting is to the same question. The less we use the word love concerning our neighbor, the better. The truth is if you love someone, you trust them, love is trust. The word is trust. Bless your neighbor with your trust and in turn, he will bless you with his trust. Bless, praise and thank you my fellow human is the holy trinity because it unites humankind with peace and harmony.

Give your blessings, praises and your thanks to your fellow human always as he is your help. Your neighbor is carrying the god who will help you because he, as a human, has the hands to uplift you when you fall. Your neighbor carries his god with him; we gods do not have hands; the God people have been asking to give a helping hand will be a human being.

Forgive is the third law. To forgive, you have to give. That is why give is the second law, you have to give before you can forgive. At one point or another we all have to forgive one another. To live in peace, forgiveness has to occur. When anything happens between you and your neighbor, forgiveness has to be pronounced in both directions, accepted in both directions.

When you are asked to forgive and that request is done in sincerity and repentance, you must give your forgiveness. When you do something wrong to your neighbor you have to ask forgiveness and vice versa your neighbor will do the same. Give and forgive your neighbor always when a wrong is committed. The give and forgive measure is your success and your neighbor is your failure if you do not treat him right.

To give and forgive is a hard reference and commandment because as a human you are regulated by the emotions. Giving and forgiving will give you the patience and goodwill to trust and live in hospitality of those around you. Giving and forgiving will allow the energy flow in your body to move and you will enjoy your life more which is the basis of good health. Give first and then you can forgive. Forgive everything. You are to ask forgiveness for every wrongdoing. In your lifetime you will be asking for forgiveness, thousands and thousands of times. You also will release and give forgiveness thousands and thousands of times.

We in the spirit world do forgive humans because humans are created different from the way we spirits are. We are the creation from the Father, the whole true God; the universal system of the highest command. He who created you is sitting up there at the top of your dome looking down watching what you are doing. As humans we are created by a higher science of any type ever known. Any machine invented by humans has no comparison to the creation of the human brain system, to its motivations, blood flow, nerve flow and all such. We must have respect for that. That is why the law do not violate your neighbor is inserted in the first law.

Know your neighbor’s condition is the same as yours. Your neighbor has a system and operation of his own drawing to him those things he thinks. People draw the same type of element to themselves according to what they are, what they think. Your neighbor, like you, is a planet of his own make, rotating, having movement, drawing to him all that he needs to operate the body functions. Look at your neighbor as an individual with his own god to give him life and conscience. This is what we have to know about ourselves and our neighbors to quit violating each other. The violation of your neighbor is controlled by fears and the wrong teachings.

We all fear; we all have negative emotions. The emotions turn into habits quickly and then we are controlled by them. When we practice ill will toward our neighbor, over time, it becomes a habit. If you practice wrongdoings or violations to your fellow humans, your reward is to become the devil. The devil is the strongest punishment received by the human for violating another human body’s functioning.

The do not violate statement is the most important law given to humans on earth. To understand our violations to our neighbors are done through our fears and our emotions, we have to confront the devil in ourselves. We can confront the devil by knowing his working orders. We can turn to our god for help in conquering the worst of ourselves. Ask your god with faith and belief and you will receive his assistance. If you have doubts and want your god, your subconscious mind, to give you help, do not say I doubt you will help me. As humans, we doubt everything we do not see, touch or feel; because we cannot see the intangible side, doubt comes in.

When you doubt yourself or you doubt that there is a god, your own personal god within you who created you, it is a sin because doubt is like a fertilizer. Once doubt is picked up, it is stored into the emotions. Doubt has a damning quality. Doubt is you do not want to believe; you do not want to trust. Doubting yourself and doubting your neighbor can put you in a prison of your own make. When you doubt your neighbor, you cannot give him your blessings and you cannot give him your trust.

Doubt is the greatest sin toward your neighbor for it migrates into the negative emotions and from there into sin. When you doubt something, you are afraid of it or you despise it because you do not understand. Doubt blocks the channel to your god, to your spirit–soul, to give you the riches and happiness you seek. The downfall of any civilization is doubting your neighbor or those around you. When a society is going down fast, doubt is everywhere and people are finding fault, criticizing and looking for all kinds of wrongdoing with each other. Once you conquer doubt to your better feeling, you will feel him, your god; you will feel his thinking.

“I give, I give half and receive half,” this is the American Indian teaching. This means your human body–spirit or human mind gives half and your spirit or spirit–mind, gives the other half. To humankind give and forgive. You have to give first before you can forgive. The simplest rule to follow is the American Indian belief system through the laws of nature described as never violate another person’s right. The American Indian lived with nature and he prayed to the spirit in all things. He prayed directly to the spirit in his food, in the plants and animals around him, to the spirit of his family and in himself. By acknowledging the spirit in all things, including yourself, you cannot pass the buck along to some incomprehensible idea that is going to fix and mend and make everything right. You, yourself, are the one who is going to do the fixing, going to do the forgiving, going to treat your neighbor right always with the help of your god.

Do not violate your fellow human and if violence occurs, give and forgive. By practicing the do not violate question, give and forgive, you will open to your special god and it is your subconscious mind. He has a Word of his own. He cannot come out and be known to you until you practice the give and forgive statements.

The fourth law is to communicate with your true creator, god. He is going to give you the power to act and he is your gift and your potential. Once you are open to your god, you do not have to imitate anyone else and be someone you are not gifted to be. Do not mock another person’s gift because you cannot compare gifts of the spirit. This gift I, Henry, received is a hard course and is not the gift given to all; it is very difficult to be in two minds. Yet, each individual has his own gift, his contribution to himself and to his society.

The instruction of communicating with your god has been missing from societies’ teachings for the past five thousand years. Know your god, know where he is and talk to him regardless if you are open or not. Through the glory of practice in talking with your god, eventually you will become open through inspiration to receive his gift.

God is within you giving you life and conscience. Without him, your god, you are a dead body. Your bodily functions are automatic and if the body is functioning well, the body will be in motion. When the body quits operation, the spirit goes. The spirit is your life and conscience and everything you are composed of until you die. He is your consciousness until your death.

Pages 89 – 100, I AM JOSEPH, THE INSTRUCTION, edited.

1. Do not violate(hurt or harm) your fellow humans. 2. Give your blessings, thanks, and praise to your fellow humans. 3. Forgive.  To live in peace, forgiveness has to occur. 4. Communicate with your spirit/soul(within each of you).