The Fourth Law

Copyright © 2016 The Tzó-Nah Fund 

Excerpt from book "I Am Joseph, The Instruction" verbatim dialogue of Henry-Joseph Paradise, Paiute.

   The fourth law is to communicate with your true creator, god.  He is going to give you the power to act and he is your gift and your potential.  Once you are open to your god, you do not have to imitate anyone else and be someone you are not gifted to be.  Do not mock another person's gift because you cannot compare gifts of the spirit.  This gift I, Henry, received is a hard course and it not the gift given to all; it is very difficult to be in two minds.  Yet, each individual has his own gift, his contribution to himself and to his society.  The instruction of communicating with your god has been missing from societies' teachings for the past five thousand years.  Know your god, know where he is and talk to him regardless if you are open or not.  Through the glory of practice in talking with your god eventually you will become open through inspiration to receive his gift.

  God is within you giving you life and conscience.  Without him, your god, you are a dead body.  Your bodily functions are automatic and if the body is functioning well, the body will be in motion.  When the body quits operation, the spirit goes.  The spirit is your life and conscience and everything you are composed of until you die.  He is your consciousness until your death.  

   I am Henry's spirit, his spirit-soul, his inner mind, his subconscious mind, his special god, one of the children of God infested upon the earth to create humans only.  I do live in his body and use his five senses but I am not connected to him.  This is a strict rule of the spirit world, of the spirit children.  We do not communicate with humans unless he follows the orders.  The orders to the humans are the golden rules of life of do not violate your fellow human, give, and forgive.  I will open to my creation, the human, by his understanding of the four laws.