Reading notes 9.11.13

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Bits and pieces of notes taken in 1977 by Henry-Joseph Paradise to Tzó-Nah. It was a long time ago, but seems like yesterday!  The point made here is about sound vibration.  How it functions or in metaphor how it functions.

“The Indian story is closer to what we are going after.  Indian story is closer to the truth than any of the New Testament. “Tzovitch”, is the ghost being who will come and eat your brains out.   In the metaphors of the story of Tzovitch there is a large bird with great wings who will swoop down from great trees and eat the brains of children who misbehave. More interesting the large birds are not rated by genus and phylum in the Uto-Aztecan languages, but by the “sound” of flapping their wings. An owl’s wings flapping is different from an eagle and those sounds are different at different times (like complete silence before the strike!).  Sound vibration in Uto-Aztecan languages include words such as, “Tzo”, or “tso”, to “sho”, to “so”, or “soo”, or “sow”; many spelling variations on this word referring to sound vibration/time including “to”. This story of Tzovitch eating the brains of those who misbehave refer to the obliteration of the mind memories; it (a sound vibration) will take your brain away.  This is the spirit they are talking about, but they don’t say it outright.

If something falls off the table with no one making movements to make that something fall, then the word “tzo-up” is used still referring to “ghost being or vibration of sound~cannot see it, touch it.”  Tzo can also mean undercover, many blankets, or many ages: tso-tso~an old woman integral to teaching the histories, the stories to the children, as sound vibration is linked to time, frequency, movement.  Vitch is a Being, but “being” in a particular way.   Euhavitch, is a goat, and Tukumvitch is supposed to be a mountain goat, and Wi-wikumvitch is a bat, and no bat is Honovitch and Wikumvitch is buzzard.”  “If anyone call you “Yoomvitch,” well you are an easy going type”.

“Open” as understood in Indian story, long ago Indians would talk about daughters given to the man who lays around and sings all day long.  He is the one that is “open.”  He has the power where he can go out and get two, three, and four deer in quick fashion.  That is how “open” was understood amongst the Indians.”

To “open” to your spirit mind is to be working together with the potential of your spirit-gift, leaning, (law of) tendency.  We tend to give ourselves to spirit energy and to life and the life all around us.  The vibration of sound carried on light “rubs (friction, but more like static electricity)” as ignition going to atom to atom in quick measure (not a science we know about yet).  This is similar to the function of chemical “ignition” of oils produced in your body providing muscle movement to your organs, especially the manufacturing plants in the body.  Quick as a thought you move your body.  Same as prayers.  If you hit the right chord at the right time, you will awaken spirit enough so spirit can move his toes a little.  (This brings to mind dance in religious practices the world over, sunnis, assembly of God;  just what twirling brings or just plain dance of many ceremonial peoples, heart beat of the earth-drums!)  I compare this to “second wind,” for athletes; out of no where comes that second breath even when all the bodily functions have been exhausted.  Usually “second breath” comes about from environmental clues, like birds or clouds, or rain, something in nature runs across your path or flies over your head.  Sometimes second breath just comes along anyway.

Tonopah, Nevada, Nat-soo-pah, Idaho; Tona in Aztec refers to vital energy of the sun.  Pah is water.  Hot water, reversed (nat-soo) “medicine water,” as it has sound vibration.

1. Do not violate (hurt or harm) your fellow humans. 2. Give your blessings, thanks, and praise to your fellow humans. 3. Forgive.  To live in peace, forgiveness has to occur. 4. Communicate with your spirit/soul (within each of you).