Henry Is Not A Holy Man

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I am going to publish unedited versions of chapters in the upcoming book which may or may not be changed at publication.  Today, I am going to unwind a little version chapter entitled Henry Is Not A Holy Man by my teacher-guide Henry-Joseph Paradise (pictured here), who is an American Indian.  Here we go:

The understanding of the spiritual world is nil to most humans.  Most church people are looking for the spiritual feeling they get when they go to church.  People make the claim, "I am a spiritual man."  They do not know what the spirit is or how it works.  I, Henry, am not a holy man and I am not to be holy-fied and made saintly.  No human is holy.  If a human were holy, he would never do anything wrong.  My instruction is not to make myself holy.  My instruction is not to make myself into a preacher or someone holy.

Each individual has a god of his own, a spirit of his own.  To become a living being the human has to have the force of God behind him.  Through the grace of God's instrument, His measurements of infinite intelligence were inserted into us to give us life and conscience along with intelligence.  God is with you always watching over you giving you everything composed to make you conscious until death.

We spirits are a divided part of the Whole True God.

God, the Father, The Whole True God everyone is praying to, came and divided and distributed himself into millions and billions of parts.  We spirits are inserted into these millions and billions of parts called atoms along with the creation factors to create beings of all types.  We spirits are intangible entities contained into the atom and we carry instructions in our rotational movement imagined into us by God.  We spirits are a form of His energy as we are part of Him and from Him.

We are the children of God in the form of God's energy as sound at the highest frequency.  Our sound is a language, a vibratory thought, carried by light and we create; we have powers, mighty powers.  This vibratory thought, is a form of energy that is electrical but more like the static electricity found in the atmosphere.  We come from the North Star area but the sun directs our path.  As it comes forth it brings his Father, the energy created at the North Star, carried on its back.  He comes into the earth's atmosphere and goes into anything that is an electric form, like the spin of the earth.  The spirit adheres to the small world of the atom and infests himself into everything known.