The Father, The Son, And The Holy Spirit

© 2006-2016 The Tzó-Nah Fund

We spirits are a divided part of the whole true God and are the children of God.  We have come at this time to challenge the explanation and story told in the New Testament and the Old Testament.  The spiritual facts have been misconstrued.  The principle of our personal god of which Joseph is one, is in contention of the one God instrument.  The teaching there is only one God defers the human children away from the spirit in each human.  One God means one creation only.  As humans, the God we try to worship is the creator of the image instructions from the Spirit Council System which at one time as a whole, is the God people mention.  

in the religious teachings of the past two thousand years, the whole of the spirit, or the whole true God of the beginning, is contained in the statement of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit.  In truth the one God, its measures and principles, has been infested on the face of the earth and divided into many parts.  The universal /god, the whole God, the one God everyone is praying to, distributed himself upon the face of the earth in the form of a vibratory thought.  We spirits are inserted into the millions and billions of parts called atoms and are the Holy Spirit from which all beings come, to all our vegetations, fishes, animals and so on.  We spirits are intangible entities contained into the atom and we carry instructions in our rotational movement imaged into us by god.  From the Holy Spirit come the masses of peoples of this earth."

Joseph, The Instruction