The United States

Excerpt of verbatim dialogue by Henry Joseph Paradise, Paiute.

Copyright © 2016 The Tzó-Nah Fund

    The judgement is here.

    A spiritual decree comes before the judgement and announces a new epic for mankind.  This new epic is a changeover and movement from the main spiritual understanding in the world today.

    A major judgement by the Spirit Council System, by the universal God and his agents, comes to civilization's people in increments of two thousand years.  

    The judgement by the Spirit Council comes because humankind is violating each other through all the sins, the annihilation of give and forgive, especially the violations concerning the treatment of the poor and the minority. Our treatment of the poor and the minority is the premise upon which we all, as humankind will be judged.

    There is a spiritual uprising of the devil-infested earth through the last two thousand years.  My Command is to warn people of the privation of the mind of each individual controlled by the God factor.  This concept of God has been misunderstood through the reign of Jesus Christ the last two thousand years.

    Coveting and envy comes in by wanting other people's property.  In Jesus' case, they did not like the people migrating to his cause and therefore taking away from the Romans their rule which included the land.  This is one of the most important emotions that migrate into sin and revenge.  When there is envy you crave something someone else has and you will kill for it.  The same happened when the white sons came to America.  The hate in them was bad.

    Those who came here were poor serfs living upon lands owned by kings who over ruled them with power, over ruled them with the might of armies, and over ruled them with wealth.  When they came here, the evil feeling of hate and envy was intense and overwhelming.  They would do anything to own land, including lying, stealing, killing, and all such acts of sin they did do.

    The American Indians of the United States have an action against the government for the destruction of the human decision by placing the Indian people onto reservations.  The Indian people were hauled into government military compounds called Indian reservations.  The decision power was stolen from the Indian people by the government to affect the land treaties made to the natural resources.

    These lands and resources have been lost to the Indians forever.  The desolation of faith through deceit and thievery, envy of land, gold and silver destroyed the meaningful prayers of the Indian people and denied them their spiritual grace.  The treaties made in good faith all came to naught through greed.  There was a disgraceful act of racial discrimination against the Indians by denouncing the Indian people as savage, imposing characterization of Indians as dirty, drunken bums.  History books denounced the Indian people by name calling, reducing their position as human beings.

    The government of the United States initiated the destitution of all Indians through the last 200 years by the people's demand for land and its resources.  The demand persists to the minor detail of the present day government control of Washington D.C. through the Bureau of Indian Affairs.  The Indian people living on the prison compounds called reservations do not have autonomy over their own government.  True self-determination can only come when the land and titles are returned to the Indian peoples so they can make their own decisions, pay their own taxes and run their own governments.

    The U.S. government's misunderstanding of the spiritual world has put the Indian people out of control.  For these losses the Indian people suffered the loss of spirit, the right to control their destiny, and migrated into drunkenness and the annihilation of their society.  And also to the black people, there is an action against the government for placing them into physical slavery.  For these violations, the judgement faces off the evil part of the government, which is attempting to control the world.

●  ●  ●  ●

I, Joseph, am not of this world.  I am a spirit.  I am resurrected spirit as Joseph but my human is Henry Paradise.  I, Joseph, awakened early to bring people intelligence about the judgement coming in to society's people.