Who is Henry-Joseph Paradise?

Henry Paradise was born and raised on a reservation at the Idaho-Nevada border.  He is a Paiute Indian trained in Boarding School on the reservation as a stone mason.  It was in his work as a stone mason he was on a mountaintop praying to the rock he was cutting.  As Henry, he was in anguish over the desolate of faith through the deceit, thievery, envy of land, and gold and silver that destroyed the meaningful prayers of the Indian people denying the spiritual grace.  He asked for wisdom-knowlege.  He didn't know he would then be put to test for asking from the spirit world.  He came down from the mountaintop and began a trial-test and tribulation which included death.  He would survive death at the behest of his ancestors who were telling him he had to go back.  Anything you ask from the spirit world, you will be put to a test to see if you are worthy.  Henry Paradise barely passed his test and began building seven fireplace tablets in three states:  Idaho, Nevada, and Utah with the seventh fireplace in Utah being the blueprint for the next and coming epoch of time.  

Henry Paradise underwent judgment between man and his God, both negative and positive.  The seventh fireplace tablet was established September 24, 1973, and represents the five senses and the two gods that make up the human construction.  The five senses are the ability to hear, smell, touch, see and taste.  The two gods are corporal and ethereal, meaning both physical and intangible components of the human.  The human body is ruled by the negative god in the emotions and fears, the intangible being, being with you, is your life and conscience.  The negative god is commanded by the chemicals and acids in the human body.  The positive god or the Universal God's energy comes from out in the universal system and creates all things, including spirits.  Its energy is deposited in the human body as the subconscious; it is also your life at the heart level.

The spirit within Henry has an identity of His own and he is called Joseph.  Joseph is Henry's subconscious mind in word form only and Henry became the mouthpiece for His Word.  Henry went through his trial-test and judgment by his spirit as an illustration of how the judgment to all people will be coming.  Joseph has come to instruct all people about what the judgment day is and how judgment day will pass.   Henry-Joseph came to bring all people information on the resurrection of the spirit-soul in each human.  The message Henry-Joseph brings is to offer information to help all people through the individual judgment so its severity will pass over you.

Henry Paradise was given the spirit-soul or spirit-mind, Joseph, talking through the human he created as a demonstration of the wisdom-knowledge of the infinite intelligence.  Joseph has come to deliver the four laws that will restore humankind to their natural state.  The natural state is to be in communication with your god, your spirit-soul.  The four laws include everything in the Ten Commandments that correspond to not violating your fellow human, to give and forgive.  The fourth law is to communicate with your god directly because he is you.