The Pyramid

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We know the people of ancient days had good sayings and good practices; the people were saved from bondage. The laws Moses brought were delivered into written formality by prophets and wise men of long ago. Moses himself did not write any of the material that was put into written word. The resulting transcription of Moses’ command was inept and is not the whole truth. Only some prophets and wise men of ancient days were open to their god, others were not. The story of Moses and his family and clan wandering the mountains and desert for forty years contains a truth but it is only part of the story. Five thousand years ago, at the completion of the big pyramid, civilization and its peoples went strictly under the negative god.

The completion of the pyramid fused the negative with the positive energies and neutralized the channel coming from our god and the one mind communication began. At the completion of the large pyramid of Egypt a vibration of sound erupted to defect and destroy the cells in the human body.
This is referred to as the obliteration of the mind memory, which is the erasure of the mind memory intelligence of our god. Over five thousand years ago people wandered around without knowing what happened yesterday. Moses' story refers to this, but the story could only be told from the human mind perspective. It took a long time for people to find and acquaint themselves by experimentation for their way of living.

The pyramid was a holy place because it was gathering the light from the stars. The pyramid was built as a large antenna receiving the highest frequency of the spirit world. From the North Star area, on a clear night, the atoms jumping up and down were reflected to the center of the pyramid. In the light from the stars the spirit carries the Word from God that carries the energy of creation. A spirit is an intangible entity as a pure energy form of light. The sound of its vibration is in the light from the stars. It is a measure so small we have not picked it up with our science. It is the same energy as God. We lost contact with that.

Over five thousand years ago, it was decided by the people to close off the spirit part of us. This decision came out of greed and desire to dwell with the devil. The people were made up of a mixture of people, Greek, Egyptian, Sumerian, and all different groups that were known then. The jewelers and black alchemists wanted to bring silver, gold, rubies and diamonds into the marketplace as a commodity. Jewels are a market value trade system where they are pawned for some value and interest charged. Silver, gold, rubies, and diamonds were brought into the pyramid. This was a violation because jewels are created with fire, or the negative god. Gold, silver, diamonds, and rubies are mineral forms created by heat in the hell's fire or hell's kitchen from the core of the earth. The percentage system introduced then is in the stock market equations of today. The power of money and the control it has on people puts food and the basic needs out of the reach of the average mass of people. All this was the start of violence then and it is violence at this time.

All of the energy forces used over six thousand years ago had nothing to do with fire or heat. The energies used then were through vibration. The levitation principles, teletransportation, longevity, the curing of sickness and all such were by vibration energies. This type of energy can deputize material in the same way you can transfer magnetic properties from one piece of metal to another. Then, when you had the energy embedded into a material, you shook it three times and the vibration would hit its aim. This energy was used over five thousand years ago and remains in the myths of the Arabic peoples. The myth of the man flying though the air on his rug with a wand in his hand refers to the levitation principles.

The spirit world of creation is controlled by sound. You cannot measure the sound of the creation as it is a vibration of the highest kind. The sound is very small but it is the biggest yet known. It comes through the North Star's reflection through the light. Another reflector of the same quality is the radioactive material at the core of the earth. Both energy forces are measures of the creation. One creates by heat and the other is a spinial measure revolving around itself that is the energy of life. They work together in perfect harmony but if they are out in the open and touch, an explosion will occur, the same as an atomic or hydrogen explosion. These two energies are acting upon the face of the earth for people's use. The sun rays and the earth's accumulation of the chemicals created by the core of the earth's radioactive measure are the highest composite of chemicals known.

The type of energy used more than five thousand years ago is unrecorded and unknown in our current knowledge base of science. The levitation and teleporting principles used in the building and construction of the pyramids of Egypt has not been used since. The three–point–system of the three largest components of the atom are represented in the pyramid's construction. The pyramid forms a triangle of three sides with the base in four sides. The pyramids were built according to the relative measurement of the creation backwards. The scale represented is a billionth of an inch to a foot measure from the earth to the sun. The three–pointed sphere, the three–pointed spherial pyramid, is the receiving device of the spirit world.

The pyramid is built to offset the inside of the pyramid by the outside. The difference is what can only be described as pressure, but not air pressure. Barometric pressure is almost to the same description. The compartment inside the pyramid is a vacuum–created magnetic point system. The pyramid is sitting due North and South as the earth spins to the West. But the axis is North, where it hangs itself through the magnetic points of the core of the earth. It compounds itself by pressure releasing a high frequency of sound into the atmosphere into the atoms to defect and destroy cells in the human body and mind. The fusing inside the pyramid deployed the orders of the day and the communication between god and the human mind was violated.

The pyramid's construction has some resemblance to the small tablet of Joseph's. One is big and the other is small. The inside of the hearth of the fireplace tablet measures thirty–six (36) inches. The three represents the three–point–system of the atom referred to throughout history as the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit.

The number six is the sixth sense body–spirit. The outside of the hearth measures forty–two (42) inches. The four represents the four laws and the two represents the two energies in two parts: the positive energy as God and his son the Word and the negative energy as the animal spirit and the negative emotions in the human.

Pgs. 104 – 116, I AM JOSEPH, THE INSTRUCTION, edited.

1. Do not violate(hurt or harm) your fellow humans.
2. Giveyour blessings, thanks, and praise to your fellow humans.                              3. Forgive. To live in peace, forgiveness has to occur.
4. Communicate with your spirit/soul(within each of you).