The Red Sons

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The type of human that we are today was constructed and created 20,000 years ago to three fronts along the equator: the Amazon River, the Nile River and Cambodia as the red, black and yellow races. The equator was the warmest place on earth then with a climate for fruition and growth of every plant. In the beginning the black race was created. All people are from the black peoples. All people have their roots from the Phoenicians who were black at one time. The change in people's color is due to the people's movement North.

The white race was the latest creation ten thousand years ago in Europe and parts of Asia. The Chinese people arise from the white sons. The white sons were scattered in all directions. As a tribe, they migrated here and there. All the Vikings came from them and eventually they became different groups through the languages, German, Norwegian and all such. The white sons, the Swedes, the Danes were scattered and the whole instrument was directed away from the Phoenician foundation of creation, along the Nile River.

The red people, I, Henry, belong and descend from were deposited along the Amazon River. We were living along the Amazon River, the Valley of the Moon, as it was known then. These people called themselves the Õdönites that means all for one and one for all. For the first ten thousand years, the Õdönites lived in the bottom of that swamp.

The society of the Õdönites was a powerful and highly advanced civilization. The Õdönites had twenty cities along the Amazon River. Their wisdom–knowledge of agriculture was greater than anything we know today. Their engineering principles used an advanced mathematical system. They possessed wisdom–knowledge of levitation, which is to degravitize the air around an object and move it without any visible means of support. There are senses, energies, or other dimensions beyond the fourth, in the human creation not known through which you can channel thought control. Stones weighing thirty to one hundred tons to two hundred tons were chiseled and lifted using the wisdom–knowledge of the spirit.

The early ancestors of the Inca, Maya and Aztec did not have firearms or anything made for warring. The people I, Henry, descend from knew and abided by the four laws of do not violate your fellow human, give and forgive and to communicate with your god. When the early people abided by these laws, they had the channel open to their god and the infinite intelligence of the universal creation. They worshipped the sun through prayers as the sun provided the weather and growth for their food, and all things. The people lived in round domed houses and were colonized under a collective system. The collective system acknowledged gifts given by the spirit or god that allowed people to participate in occupations such as agriculture, engineering, construction, making clothing, all in trade for other commodities. Life among the early people had rewards and there was no greed and leaving nothing for their friends and neighbors. In the collective measure, the red sons understood trading power and divided evenly with the recognized goal of helping their neighbor.

Through the spiritual leadership, one man violated the laws of nature seeking to make himself more powerful and his acts caused a great nation to fall. The violation was to sacrifice people to the firegod. Children, even whole families, were sacrificed toward their end. This one disgraceful act multiplied as other priests imitated his action. The act of sacrificing people at the altar violated the golden rule of do not violate your fellow human. Ten to twelve thousand years ago, the short measure of punishment was called out and a great deluge covered part of the earth. The Õdönite people were warned of the great deluge and migrated West. The people who left this continent were known as the Amãcians. The old civilization remaining was known as the Amön people. The Amön people broke apart forming over five and six hundred different languages. The Inca, Maya and Aztec descend from the Amöns and their remnant seed is the red nation of this continent.

The Amãcians left this continent in two groups. The first group leaving this continent, either before or after the deluge, traveled to the African coast and became the half–casts of Africa and were known as the Phoenicians. Their language was similar to the Indians of this continent and other dark races including Hebrew, Greek and Roman before they were known as Hebrew, Greek or Roman. Their language is the remnant Semitic language pronounced four to six thousand years ago.

The second group left carrying one of every species and went toward Easter Island. The large Easter Island monuments are part of that movement. They deposited some of their people on the Island of Borneo, Australia, Hawaii and Japan. These people become known as the Japanese, the people of the Rising Sun. The Japanese were later scattered to Mongolia. The Northwest Pacific Indians resemble the yellow race but truly they are the red people. Their forebearers brought the horses that came to this country by way of China along the Northern tip of Alaska. Our anthropologists start tracking our migration back to this continent at this time.

The ancestors of the Inca, Maya and Aztec did dominate the whole world over twelve thousand years ago. The knowledge of teletransportation, or traveling distances without mechanical means, was given as principles to them before they left the Õdönites along the Amazon River. The Õdönites from this continent took their knowledge of levitation and teletransportation with them and were the architects of the pyramids of Egypt. The pyramids of Egypt were located and constructed using the principles of teletransportation and levitation. Later, they were slaves and joined forces with the Hebrew people and in time became the different classes of the Semitic languages of the world.

The Õdönites used a language similar to Sumerian known as SüDü. This language is the basis of all languages in the world. The SüDü language is a combination of Sumerian, Phoenician, Aztec, Maya, Inca, Greek, Arabic and Egyptian. SüDü is a coded language made of short sounds similar to baby talk, tu ta pa da. SüDü is more the type of language carried by the Semitic people around the Northern part of the Mediterranean. That language may still be intact in some form and known.

When the communication with our god was lost, all knowledge of how the pyramids were built and what they were for was also lost. After the big pyramid was completed, the knowledge of the positive and negative gods and the channel to this understanding was suppressed. The people in control over five thousand years ago annihilated the architects and workers who built the pyramids in Egypt by poking their eyes out and cutting out their tongues.

Pgs. 104 – 111, I AM JOSEPH, THE INSTRUCTION, edited.

1. Do not violate (hurt or harm) your fellow humans. 2. Give your blessings, thanks, and praise to your fellow humans. 3. Forgive. To live in peace, forgiveness has to occur. 4. Communicate with your spirit/soul (within each of you).