Command Mission

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My name is Henry Paradise. I am an American Indian born on a reservation at the Idaho– Nevada borderline. I belong to the red people mixed up with a little white blood. My father was a full–blooded Indian and my mother was a half–breed, half–white and half– Indian. My mother was born on the reservation and did not speak English. “Milk” is the Indian name my mother gave me.

My mother was raised by my great–grandmother who taught her the old Indian belief system. She would tell me there are two of you, one is evil, one is good. “I give” is a quotation of Indian teaching my mother made in the language of my people. “I give, I give half and treat my fellow human right always and forgive him when he does something wrong to me.” My mother would tell me, “Never criticize anyone and never make fun of them.” She taught me to help my neighbors when they were in need.

As I grew up, I came away from the teachings of my mother. I started drinking alcohol after prohibition although they did not sell liquor to Indians on reservations. I found my happiness in drinking alcohol. When I drank, I overcame my fears and my loss of spiritual grace. The need for spiritual contact greatly affected me as it does most Indian people. Indian people find their worth when they have spiritual command of themselves. This is the same for any son of the white, black, and yellow peoples.

As a young man I drank alcohol at the local dance halls. I would drink and go from being a wallflower to kicking up my heels. I felt I had found a cure for the spiritual, empty feeling but the alcohol took me over completely. I drank alcohol for many years and was out of control. Later, I tried to quit drinking and found I could not stop.

Even as an alcoholic I searched for the spiritual feeling. I read leaflets printed by different religious groups. I listened to the sermons of the preachers. Later in life, I found pamphlets and books telling how intensified thought and control over the emotions could be my success. Eventually, I quit drinking alcohol. I received this gift a year and a half after I quit drinking.

I do not have a high school diploma or degree of any kind. I am not an educated man although I attended the government school on the reservation. The government school required Indian children be present but they were not pressed to learn. The education I received is equivalent to the sixth grade level. I did not speak English until I was thirteen years of age.

I have been a bricklayer and stone mason throughout my life. My trade as a stone mason was learned in a government school. It was as a stone mason I came to receive this spiritual gift. At that time, I was 56 years of age. For the stone used in my work, I cut rocks in the mountains surrounding the area where I lived. I began to pray to the rocks while cutting stone in the mountains. I did not know at the time my prayers would open a channel where I would be the receiver and mouthpiece for the Word of my god.

For most of my life, I have known the suffering between my people, the American Indian, and the government of the United States. As Henry, I was in anguish over the desolation of faith through the deceit, theivery, envy of land, gold and silver that destroyed the meaningful prayers of the Indian people denying them spiritual grace. The disgraceful act of racial discrimination against the Indian people condemned them as savages when they were spiritual people. The government placed the Indian people on reservations destroying their right to decide about their affairs and their lives. The decision power stolen from the Indian people by the government was done to affect land treaties and all treaties regarding the natural resources. The land and natural resources have been lost forever to the Indian people through treaties; all promises made in good faith have come to naught through greed. It was in this state of mind and at the urging of my god, I came to be praying to the rocks in the mountains where I was cutting stone used in my work. In my prayers I asked for wisdom–knowledge. I did not expect to have anything given to me.

I came down from the mountains after cutting the rocks and began an ordeal, a test of my true grit. All Indian people know when you ask for a gift from the spirit world you will be put through a test. The trial–test I went through to receive my gift was urged upon by the spirit side of me. The culmination of the trial–test was a judgement by my god upon me as a human. After judgement, I received the gift of wisdom–knowledge by opening to my spirit–mind. The gift I received is the opening of the highest of channels used to communicate with your spirit–soul, your god or your subconscious mind.

I, Henry, did not know then what I know now. I had yet to go through the trial–test and tribulation subscribed to me by my god. From February of 1972 to September of 1973, I, Henry, constructed seven fireplace tablets in three states: two in Nevada, four in Idaho and one in Utah. The last and the seventh fireplace was constructed in Utah, forty miles South of the Mormon Temple in Salt Lake City.

Utah was picked as the site to build the fireplace because Joseph Smith, the Founder of the Mormon religion, received a vision leading him to two plates belonging to the early people of this continent. The two stones he dug out of the ground were inscribed in languages he could not interpret. The stones were inscribed in Phoenician and an earlier language similar to Sumerian. The spiritual teaching and history transcribed from these stones are the American Indian history and teachings from the people living along the Amazon River fifteen to twenty thousand years ago. These early people were known as the Õdönites and later they became the Amöns. Later yet we know these people as the Inca, Maya and Aztec. The remnants of those people are the red nation of this continent.

The seventh fireplace tablet was established on September 24, 1973, and represents the five senses and the two gods that make up the human construction. The five senses are the ability to hear, smell, touch, see and taste. The two gods are corporal and ethereal, meaning both physical and intangible components of the human. All humans have two gods or spirits in them, one is negative and one is positive. The human body is ruled by the negative god in the emotions and fears and the positive god, the intangible being within you, is your life and conscience. The negative god is commanded by the chemicals and acids in the human body. The positive god or the universal God's energy comes from out in the universe and creates all things, including spirits. Its energy is deposited in the human body as the subconscious; it is also your life at the heart level.

The intangible quality of the positive god or God is misunderstood by most people at this time. Most of the teachings we have on this earth today put the spirit or God out of our reach. We are taught there is one God and He is everywhere, especially we are taught that God resides in some place high above and beyond where we live as humans. No spiritual teaching on earth explains how one God can be looking down on all the human populations, to the animals, and all of everything, at all times. People have been looking everywhere for God except in the mind. The intangible quality of the subconscious mind is what the spirit or God is and from where we draw our potentials as humans. Our God is not the subconscious mind proper or the subconscious mind in the way we think of the subconscious mind. He is, however, in the subconscious part of your makeup as a human. A person’s subconscious mind is the only connecting point to the mysteriousness of God’s intelligence.

We, as humans, carry God with us always. We do not know our God is there because he is covered or hidden from our conscious thoughts. We are not alone, we are standing with our individual god and he is noting everything. Through a one–way window he uses your eyes, your ears and all your senses. Your connection to God is the infinite intelligence He gives you through the spirit that creates you as a human. Your spirit is the representative of the universal God of the whole, Creator of the universe, and all things in it.

The energy of the spirit, or god, has a doorway to the tangible world of the human body and is found at the solar plexus and it is also reflected as the human mind. The human mind is a small image of the subconscious mind. Your human mind receives input from both the spirit and the negative god. The negative god in the body is fear and the negative emotions which includes greed, hate, anger, and is into the violent part of our human makeup. The positive god is your positive thoughts and feelings and is your potentials and gifts; it is your conscience and it is your life force.

Pgs. 1 - 9, I AM JOSEPH, THE INSTRUCTION, edited.

1. Do not violate (hurt or harm) your fellow humans.
2. Give your blessings, thanks, and praise to your fellow humans. 3. Forgive. To live in peace, forgiveness has to occur. 4. Communicate with your spirit/soul (within each of you).