Trial - Test and Tribulation

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What we speak is the truth and nothing but the truth. As Henry, this is my testimony to the trial–test and tribulation I went through to open to my god. The trial–test and tribulation is a demonstration of the personal judgement between man and his god. My spirit says when your spirit opens up and starts talking to you and judges you, that is judgement day. Through the trial–test my god awoke me from the dead. I, Henry, gave my life for this gift by the judgement imposed in the trial–test. No human can quote the resurrection unless they have been baptized through death and awakened from the dead.

Through my prayers and asking for wisdom–knowledge, I, Henry, was put to the test by my god and creator through the devilment of my own fears and negative emotions. My trial–test and tribulation began when I, Henry, completed building the seventh fireplace and went on for forty days and forty nights. All the time I was building the seventh fireplace he, my spirit, was commanding me. My god was not open to me but he was close.

I could almost feel my god with me and at times I could hear him. The first time I heard his voice he told me not to put anything red into the fireplace and he was me. It was September 21, 1973, at one thirty o'clock in the morning and a new star to the South was announced. At 3:00 o'clock in the morning a cock began to crow twenty– eight times. The cock crowing twenty–eight times represents the years left until the mass judgement to society's people. My spirit did not speak to me after that but he moved me around. The spirit can move you around and you will not know it.

The seventh fireplace was finished on September 24, 1973. I did not know then I was going into the trial–test. I had it in my mind I would go visit family and friends in Las Vegas, Nevada. I, as Henry, had no knowledge that it was he, my god, urging me forward. I did not know he was commanding me as I was in a trance or an autohypnotic state. My spirit calls this state lucified for Lucifer. The lucified state is a trance state induced by the body. This means that the devil is there in the human emotions and fears.
God or the spirit–mind cannot place a human under a trance. This is done by the devilment of the body through the fears and negative emotions. I, as Henry, felt sad and low but pushed by an inner–urging I could not define. My god and my devil, the emotions and fears, were putting me to a test.

I left my pickup truck in Provo, Utah, and made a trip to Phoenix, Arizona. My plans were to go to Gallup, New Mexico but I did not make it. Instead from Phoenix, I went to Las Vegas, Nevada. By then, the autohypnotic state was in command. I started to see signs, foreboding omens, in things around me. Any printed words I saw meant something to me then. Everything became distorted. When you are lucified and do not understand what is happening to you, it is not very good. I got on a bus heading back to Utah.

On the bus, I sat next to a Mexican boy who did not speak English. The boy was not from this country but from Mexico. My English was very poor then but I knew a few words in Mexican. We became friendly by talking and making motions with our hands. On the trip he showed me a religious magazine in Spanish. As I was reading it, I started pronouncing some words. When we stopped the bus at a rest station, I went to the restroom. I continued to pronounce the words in Spanish. Suddenly, I started to speak a language completely different from Spanish and English. At that time, I did not know where the language came from; it just came.

I went back to my seat and asked my friend if he could understand me. He could not understand. The language goes something like this: Tu da, pa ra tu ta, ma ra tu ta, pa ra tu ta, ma ra tu ta, pa ra ta ta, pa ra chu cha, ma ra chu cha, para chu cha cha cha, da para chu cha cha, para chu cha chu cha, chu cha cha, para chu cha, chu cha chu cha. This is the SüDü language, a language spoken over ten thousand years ago, and the basis of all languages, but my god did not tell me that then. This is all I received then.

I was on the bus near Mesquite, Nevada, about thirty–five miles from St. George, Utah. I did not have money to make it to St. George. The bus I was on let me off two miles on the Nevada side going from Highway 91 toward Salt Lake City. I had my suitcase and slept on the side of the highway. I slept a little then got up and took my clothes off in the field, underwear, socks and all. I wrapped them together to carry and started walking. It was September 27, 1973, at one o'clock in the morning.

I imagined many things while I walked and I was afraid. He, my god, was pushing me along. He said, just a little farther down the road. Later, I started to run. I remembered the story my mother told me about the cottontail going through his command, the same as I was. He had to go through a snake infested valley where he put leggings on. It was dark and he heard all kinds of noises, snakes hissing here and there. In the story my mother told me, every time the owl opened his eyes, the rabbit started to go fast. I thought about that when I started running. It seemed I was on a track field and I was running a long distance race.

While I was running, I thought about Chief Joseph and how he failed on the last of his trials. He did not make it to the Canadian border. I thought about Geronimo. I thought of his desire to have his land back and how he was put in jail. I ran through the night and for a man of 56 years of age, and in my physical condition, it was hard to do. I ran through the night until daylight. The rising sun’s rays hitting my eyes meant I could stop running. I put my clothes back on but did not sleep.

I finally arrived at St. George, Utah. I was still autohypnotized. I went to the police station asking about the winter quarters of Brigham Young. I thought I could find someone who could help me translate the fireplace tablet. I attempted to talk to the Mormon Bishops at the temple. I talked to a Mormon Bishop and one other person who was with him. They did not believe anything I said. They told me they were busy. They said, “We don't have time for you.” In their self–importance they had to leave right away. In their ignorance they invited me out.

I went to the Brigham Young winter quarters and slept on the lawn for a while. I had twenty–five cents in my pocket but lost it while sleeping on the ground. I received a few coins from visitors by asking for handouts. My last resort was to head out of town so I could hitchhike to Provo to get my pickup truck.

The sun was going down. The inner–urging that anything red was a danger sign kept coming into my head. Red is a color Indian medicine people stay away from. Later, my spirit told me this is superstition. During my test, any building painted red meant do not get near it, get away from it. The color orange was all right but it was a sign of caution. Yellow or green was an okay sign.

On the outskirts of town, I went into a restaurant. I went in because there was a sign on the window saying “Help Wanted.” I needed help. I ordered some coffee and asked to talk to the manager. I thought he could help me find a place to sleep or give me some other kind of help. I talked to the manager and he told me he had to leave but he would come back. When he did come back he had four men with him and they sat in a corner and were talking.

I must have been in the restaurant for two hours. They were serving me coffee but did not take any money I had. After a while the four men left. The manager did not come to talk to me. The autohypnotic state started to work on me again. I could see lights and shadows on the walls. The shadows were everywhere. Everything I saw was a part of the earth. A piece of the shadows on the right side of the earth was red. He, my spirit, instructed me, if the red goes out, I am in the clear.

There was a woman sitting about sixty feet from me in the restaurant. She was staring at me. I kept looking at the reflection of the image on the wall. The image of the sun was bright with a little tinge of red but the red would not disappear. I kept looking and all of a sudden I spilled my coffee on the table. I wiped it off with my elbows. The woman kept staring at me. Then I had the notion I did something wrong. My god said, “The people are having mind wars with you”, meaning the people sitting and talking in the restaurant. I was afraid.

The shadows of the earth started to get cloudy again and changed form going into different shapes. It was about 10:30 o’clock at night when I walked out of the restaurant. I felt bad and lost my faith. I felt defeated and that I had failed on my course to help people. The thought came to me I would end my life. These thoughts came to me quickly and I did not know why.

I walked to the freeway entrance and went in front of a car coming toward me. The car was going thirty–five or forty miles an hour. Before I knew it, I was under the car. It was 11:30 o’clock the night of September 27, 1973. He, my god, did not throw me. He commanded me and I followed his command. He said, “You failed me.”

That is all I remember. I died after the car hit me. Through my dad's voice, through my friends’ voices, through the voices of those who had preceded me into death, I heard them calling me, saying my name. The voices called for my god to go after me to bring me back to my body and keep me alive. My god says when you threw yourself in front of the car, you over ruled the commands of Lucifer coming through.

I was taken to the hospital by ambulance. When I awoke it was 11:30 o’clock in the morning of the next day. It had been twelve hours since I was hit and went underneath the car. My arm was broken in three places and was swollen twice its normal size. My shirt was so bloody the hospital staff threw the shirt away. They threw my coat away as well.

I was in a daze all the time I was in the hospital. When I would eat, I could not see the food but I seemed to be eating and I was smoking. I was there all day and the next. At the end of that day, the medical staff told me I was going into surgery to have a pin put in my arm. They told me not to eat food or drink water. I stayed that way all day although I smoked.

That night the surgeon's assistant came to see me. The surgeon said, “We'll take care of you the first thing in the morning.” Already my spirit was saying, “You are not going to have surgery. You are going to take off to finish the command mission.” He said, “The bird flies North again.” My god said, “The Mormon religion was the Indian religion from the start and we are going to place it back where it belongs.” He said, “They took control of the Bible, the same teaching Indians had long ago.” He said, “They masqueraded as Indians and committed wrong deeds and blamed the Indians and took their land killing many Indians.” I left the hospital and started walking to Highway 15 and caught a ride to Cedar City, Utah. I stayed there for two nights.

During my judgement, I felt sick. I found an Indian medicine man who prayed for me. He prayed for my arm and for everything. My spirit says, find the highest mountain or the biggest rifle. He did not say kill yourself. Later, he said he was testing me to see what I would do. The medicine man's people bought me a bus ticket to Salt Lake City, Utah. I had the hospital gown on. I still had it on when I got to Provo, Utah. Eight days later I returned to where I left my suitcase.

After that, my spirit kept pushing me with the urging command to finish out the forty days of the trial–test. When my spirit did start talking to me it was not a very good feeling. I did not hear his voice again until I was commanded to go to San Francisco. I was in Reno when I heard him talk to me. He came out and called me a nasty name. I did not know then why there was a voice talking to me. I was in a stupefied state, autohypnotized. In Sacramento, he made me get lost and quick. He made me forget a number I knew perfectly well. I looked at the number and then looked at it again and it was something else. He said, “I can make you get lost anywhere, anytime. You can go the wrong direction and never come back.”

In San Francisco, I was commanded to walk the streets and preach in the parks. I walked ten to fifteen miles a day. He had me blinking my eyes and pacing my steps, looking and stopping at street numbers, walking up and down steps. When I was going through San Francisco my spirit kept telling me Hirohito was the only person who could decode the language I had spoken. Hirohito made a statement in an ancient language in a declaration speech to the world when Japan surrendered to the United States in World War II in 1945.

That ancient language was the language I had been given while on the bus trying to talk to the Mexican boy. The language is a reference to the beginning of time and the true communication with god and announces the four laws. The four laws are do not violate your fellow human, give, forgive and communicate with your god. The language refers to numbers, two, four in the “Tu Ta” and then back again, four, two. The two, four refers to the human with the positive and negative gods and the four laws. In San Francisco I quoted the language over the phone to a person at the Jewish Library. He told me he could decipher “I bless, I bless” and that is all. “Da” is the first word of a baby. The language is in code and is the basis of all languages and is very old.

I was still under his command when I had surgery on my arm in Elko, Nevada. My spirit said if the accident would have killed me the spirit world would have looked for another human to deliver this gift. I was instructed to put you through the course or trial–test for forty days and forty nights after the fireplace tablet was completed. He says, “I made you construct the tablet and what to put in it. Then the trial started and I started to command you. I commanded you through Phoenix.” He, says, “You left your pickup truck in Provo and went toward Phoenix looking for my desires.”


The trial–test and tribulation I underwent is a judgement between man and his god, both negative and positive. As part of that test, I was given commands by my god, my spirit–soul, to determine my true nature as a human. To open to my god or spirit–soul, I, Henry was tested by the devilment contained in the human body–spirit, or the fears and emotions. During my trial–test and tribulation, I was under the autohypnosis of my human body–spirit. The autohypnosis is coming from the human mind directed by the body–spirit or the fears and emotions. The human body–spirit, or the fears and negative emotions, can hypnotize your human mind and paralyze your ability to think. Autohypnosis is like the hypnotist you see commanding people. In this hypnotic state, you will do anything based on a suggestion.

With the input from your fears and emotions, your human mind can tell you anything and it will be reinforced by the chemicals in your body. If you pass all the instructions of the autohypnotic state you may be chosen to open completely to your spirit, spirit–soul or spirit–mind. The test is to get beyond the negative emotions of revenge, hate, envy, superstition, and all such and overstep fear to open the channel to your positive god, the spirit– soul and the spirit–mind.

The trial–test I underwent is an illustration of the way the personal judgement will be coming to people. I, Henry, felt sick when I went through my judgement. I was running around in the fields. My god or spirit–soul would tell me to do very destructive things. Throughout the trial–test I came to know my god or spirit–soul, Joseph. I moved out of the autohypnotic state and away from the superstitious sayings I had heard as a youth. I know now that I can talk to my god man–to–man or person–to–person as I would talk with anyone.

The spirit being within me, as Henry, has an identity of his own and he is called Joseph. I, Joseph, am Henry's subconscious mind in word form only and Henry is the mouthpiece for my Word. I, Henry, went though my trial–test and judgement by my god as an illustration of how the judgement to all people will be coming in. I, Joseph, come to instruct all people about what judgement day is and how judgement day will pass. Our job is to bring all people information on the resurrection of the spirit–soul in each human. The message I bring is to offer information to help all people through the individual judgement so its severity will pass you over.

Henry Paradise was given the spirit–soul or spirit–mind, Joseph, talking through the human he created, as a demonstration of the wisdom–knowledge of the infinite intelligence. Joseph has come to deliver the four laws that will restore humankind to their natural state. The natural state is to be in communication with your god, your spirit–soul. The four laws include everything in the Ten Commandments that correspond to not violating your fellow human, to give and to forgive. The fourth law is to communicate with your god directly because he is you.

Pgs. 9 – 12, 113 - 146, I AM JOSEPH, THE INSTRUCTION, edited.

1. Do not violate (hurt or harm) your fellow humans.
2. Give your blessings, thanks, and praise to your fellow humans.
3. Forgive. To live in peace, forgiveness has to occur.
4. Communicate with your spirit/soul (within each of you).