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Every fifty thousand year period a new creation starts. Every fifty thousand year period the magnetic poles switch from North to South and the direction of the spin of earth changes where East becomes West. When the earth flips, the atoms in the air and the constitution of life forms are altered. When the earth starts rotating a different direction, the earth changes its speed. The oxygen in the air is regulated by speed, the velocity of the earth’s movement about its axis. The expenditure of the velocity of the earth’s rotation determines the type of human and animals created.

We all wonder what happened to the dinosaurs and other large animals. The animals of an earlier time had a different composition of oxygen or air to create them. The earth is currently moving at twenty–five thousand miles an hour and the mathematical projection of the creation is regulated to our five fingers, five senses. 

Our body’s rotational movement is a little less than the speed of the earth and the air we breathe. If the earth stops and begins to move a different direction, every living thing will be destroyed and the creation will begin anew again. The earth’s speed could move to thirty or forty thousand miles an hour.

In the fifty thousand year cycle ten thousand years are given to each son, black, red, yellow and white. The extra ten thousand years is time for movement of the earth to reform so life can begin again. In the whole cycle for all the sons, every two thousand year period a change in spiritual understanding is set by the perturbations of the earth and planets’ revolution around the sun. This is the round point system of the evolution of ten thousand years, the teaching of every class of the creation in equal parts. Every two thousand year period the spiritual leadership and control turn and the quotations in the Bible come to fore, brother against brother, nation against nation. The Year 2,000 marks the changeover for the next round of teaching testimony of the spiritual command of the four sons, red, black, yellow and white.

In regulation to the statement one hundred years to the human equals one day to the spiritual human creator, the forty days and forty nights marked a four– thousand year period. We are now four thousand years from Moses’ time and two thousand years from Jesus’ time. We are in a time of high potential to be in receivership of the message I, Joseph, bring to rectify the spiritual understanding and return it to its natural state. The last four to five thousand years we have had the one God statement. We have the one mind action without understanding. The story told is that one God had one Son and that Son was Jesus. This story defers you away from the communication with the god spirit that created you. You do have the power of God within you and it is you. When people understand this teaching, they will understand they can cure the crises facing the people of this earth. People will have happiness upon the face of the earth through understanding where their god is and what it is and where their devil is so he can be controlled.  

My part, as Joseph speaking through Henry, is the truth and heard once every four thousand period. A changeover of spiritual understanding, such as is being pronounced here, comes when people are violating each other. The decision point comes from the Spirit Council System, which cannot be seen and cannot be measured. The Spirit Council is intangible, invisible beings conducted in vibratory form to the body makeup. It is to the human’s concern because it is the spirit side of us. Two beings make up the human body.

I am Joseph, a spirit arisen in his creation, Henry Paradise. I have come to bring instruction through the tablet and a warning. In the conclusion, in the final phase of judgement, the earth and the earth’s people are destined to be destroyed. This new understanding will save us from absolute destruction. That is the question we have to decide for ourselves. If we do not care and we do not listen to this tablet’s instruction given to humankind, we will suffer the consequences.

This announcement is not coming from any human, it is coming from the spirit world that creates people. Whenever the main destruction comes, someone will be warned. We will be desolate where one mutant will pick up the vibration and relay to his people. This happened to Noah. The Old Testament has reference to this understanding but it does not state the truth to its course. The inscription of Noah’s ark in the Bible is a measure of the spiritual changeover. Christianity understands that for forty days and forty nights rain fell and covered the earth. That is not true to my spirit’s word. Rain did not fall but a four thousand year period was marked where the judgement was instituted and a spiritual changeover started. The fire and brimstone of massive and violent earth movement voided in its path every living thing. Through my spiritual understanding the destruction of life is caused by the loss of oxygen due to the change in gravity.

We can be saved even if the earth stops and starts to spin in another direction. Our lungs are regulated to the speed of the earth’s rotation, to the collection of atoms in the air, their parts to one another. Those regulators, the controllers of the spirit world push it to higher or lower oxygen content. The spirit in you can move your lungs a notch or two up or down to compensate for the change in oxygen. Some parts of the earth, those saved ones, will start the creation again.

I am the spirit of God in Henry, an uneducated, stonemason. My command is to warn people of the spiritual uprising of the devil infested earth. The leadership of the world must consider what is being said here without the animal tendency or the people’s action to gain power and destroy their society. As societies upon the face of the earth we are set on a course of destruction. The human creation has the necessary energy force within to be happy but we also have the equipment that can destroy. We create our miseries through the two minds of the animal spirit and the devil because they are greedy, willful and they are strong.

Our societies’ children are using only one mind, the human mind. Our children are not trying to achieve wisdom of the spirit instead they are taught to compete with one another on an animal basis, to out do, to out reach, to do in the person next to them. The true meaning of slavery is into our economic measures. Our children are striving for money power and for power itself over one’s neighbor. Our best minds know how to launch the grandest schemes without tapping into wisdom. 

We are destroying our environment and our society while we keep pace with our great ideas empty of wisdom. The crises the world is beset with cannot be controlled by the human mind, it will be controlled only by spiritual understanding. The human mind has been tried out the last four to five thousand years. The human was given a chance through the human mind to make laws, to operate and organize their society. The other true communication between man and his god was blocked completely.  

It has taken humankind a long time to establish the support that has saved us from destruction. Yet, unity has not been known upon the face of the earth by any society or race. We do not have peace now and this means we do not have a good understanding. What is said here is not a religion and is not a church teaching. This is not a guess. This is a true statement–understanding of the creation of the human. We come at this time to bring an important announcement of an understanding of the intangible nature of the human and to bring that understanding into line through science. Science is where the understanding belongs because anything intangible that you cannot see is a measure of science. This line that I, Joseph, have with Henry will bring a different understanding of science and technology.

The hard fact to contend in delivering this understanding is that civilizations have their downfall from the mistaken belief they know everything already. The Romans could not lend themselves to the teaching of the Christ–mind. They wanted to maintain control of their great empire and their great wealth. They could not believe honoring and respecting their neighbor had anything to do with their position and in doing so, they lost what they had. The cause of all civilizations’ downfall is through the human mind’s action, its greediness, to the ultimate creation of the human devil. The same happened with the Chinese before them. The same happened with the Aztec people. The same befell any of those cultures or civilizations of past times. The same is the question we are leading into with our society today.

Take notice to these references. The Omega statement is now. We have a spirit watching within each of us making an accounting of what we do. The violation of the body, physical and emotional, is an offense to the golden rules of life. The judgement is very noble but going into judgement we, as humankind, can be completely erased off the face of the earth. We can overrule this judgement by the wisdom of the four laws.

The original four laws were at the beginning and will be at the end. The four laws are do not violate your fellow human, to give and to forgive and to communicate with your god.

Pgs. 121 - 130. I AM JOSEPH, THE INSTRUCTION, edited.

1. Do not violate (hurt or harm) your fellow humans. 2. Give your blessings, thanks, and praise to your fellow humans. 3. Forgive. To live in peace, forgiveness has to occur. 4. Communicate with your spirit/soul (within each of you).