The Pearly Gates

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The illustration of the judgement I received is a demonstration to society of the judgement coming to all people. Your spirit–soul or subconscious mind, is your judge. He is your creator, he is infinite intelligence, he is everything you represent but he is not known. He cannot communicate with you because he has to judge you first and then, his door will open. The Bible says, ask, seek and knock and the door of the Lord’s Castle will open. This is true in part but they do not mention where the door to the Lord’s Castle is.

This door is at the seventh sense in the emotions, and, in the eighth sense. All emotions are felt in the pit of the stomach and duplicated in the solar plexus, the eighth sense. People claim they feel from the heart but the heart is only a pumping station. The solar plexus is where your deepest feelings dwell. The solar plexus is wired to all your nerve points and when you feel emotions, it is transmitted to your body through these points.

The eighth sense is located at the solar plexus and is a gateway to one's individual creator. The eighth sense gateway at the solar plexus level is remotely controlled by sound and belongs to the spirit of God in you. Through the eighth sense, or pearly gate–doorway, a reflection can be received from anywhere in the world or universal system. The universal system belongs to God, the whole true God, and is out of the human dimensions.

The eighth sense gateway is guarded by the emotions. The negative god stands guard over this gateway referred to as the pearly gates. The communication line from the spirit is closed by the fears and negative emotions. When we are closed to the spirit, we are then in sin and blind to the facts, we are in the dark. The quotation that you have to go through the gates of hell to get to heaven refers to seventh sense negative emotions that sit at the door to this eighth sense gateway. To open the door to the god in you, you have to go through the trial–test and tribulation where you are judged by your god. The eighth sense is the door to the one covered in the grave. When the door opens, this is the resurrection of the spirit. The door is opened by sound, the sound of Gabriel’s horn.

Beyond the eighth sense is the ninth and is the true God in you. The spirit creator divides his consciousness into different compartments and gives his creation, the human, a part of it and is your conscience. Your conscience is your positive spirit. The true God in you as a human is your conscience and the reflection is the human mind. Your conscience and the spirit's consciousness, reside in the subconscious of the human. The human mind is the neutralizer and is the one made in the image of the god–mind.

The god–mind does not belong to humans. The god–mind is hidden; the subconscious mind belongs to God and belongs to the Word. When the eighth sense doorway is open, you receive the Word of God at the tongue level. Moses had this affection and although he stuttered, he came forth with the Word of his god. Joseph talking through Henry is a vibration of the cosmic forces coming from the ninth sense to the eighth sense, or the solar plexus, and out Henry's voice box. The descent of the universal God to his son's creation is through the human's eighth sense to the tongue level which is the Word.

The Word coming through the eighth at the tongue level is different from the human mind's control of its own voice box. The thought–control–system of the human brain is not connected to the Word directly. Indirectly it is covered with a membrane of human body tissues that is covering all the cell systems in the brain. As a human, your functioning is automatic and is controlled through the human system only. The human brain receives all the input from the body and motivates our actions through the senses, which includes the fears and emotions. The human mind receives and relays organic functions. It learns and absorbs all that it sees, hears, feels, and so on through the senses one through seven and your thought starts without your knowing.

The ninth sense is the thought–trigger and the most important part to the human's use. The ninth sense is the trigger that pulls the thoughts to form ideas to actify your movement. Without the spirit mind or the ninth sense and its reflection, which is the human mind, you are like a vegetable. The ninth sense on the body side is the thought–trigger control and without it you cannot activate and promote or motivate yourself to doing anything whatsoever. The ninth sense on the human side is the human mind. The ninth sense on the spirit side is the inner mind or the subconscious mind and is the spirit–soul and the spirit of God within you.

Without the spirit–mind, you cannot trigger and open your thoughts to the ideas to motivate your actions in everyday life. You have to trigger the human mind which is some rockless gift to humankind. When the switch is tripped, your thoughts start. The ninth sense is the trigger or trip–switch that starts your thoughts.

In the ordinary human, the human mind goes directly through the human senses, one through seven. Your thoughts come through the ninth sense cosmic field to the computing measure of the human brain that is translating the five senses, and the fears and emotions from the body. The sixth sense is the instinctive fears. The sixth sense is closely related and positioned to the seventh sense, which are the emotions. It is a short distance between your sixth sense and seventh sense where thoughts can migrate into witchery and superstition. Dreams, visions and thoughts come from the ninth sense to the sixth sense. It is through these channels most of our medicine men and those claiming psychic powers receive their messages.

The seventh sense emotion is both positive and negative. Ideas from the subconscious mind to the human mind come from the ninth sense, or thought control trigger, to the positive emotions of the seventh sense and to the human mind. Scientists and great thinkers are receiving ideas through inspiration coming from the ninth sense to the seventh sense and to the human mind. When you are inspired and seeking and experiencing a positive emotion or a high desire to know, the pathway from the ninth sense to the human mind is a positive expression.

The ninth sense, the god–mind, is the god in you. The human mind is the reflection of the true God. The ninth sense is the god–mind in you and your human mind is in its image. The human mind is created the same as the Father created the son, or the children of God, which creates human beings, and lives within each one of us as the subconscious mind. Every human has a ninth sense. It is the creator that creates the human within which it resides. We are each created separately and individually by our individual ninth sense creator. A direct communication between the subconscious mind, or the creator, and the human mind is possible through the ninth sense.

Pgs. 67 - 73, I AM JOSEPH, THE INSTRUCTION, edited.

1. Do not violate (hurt or harm) your fellow humans. 2. Give your blessings, thanks, and praise to your fellow humans. 3. Forgive. To live in peace, forgiveness has to occur. 4. Communicate with your spirit/soul (within each of you).