Author's Note by Tzó-Nah


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There is a myth story in my culture about a giant bird, a great owl, who swoops down to eat the brains of children who misbehave. Our mothers would scare us with this story whenever we children would behave badly. Joseph interprets this myth story as the residue of the "obliteration of the mind memories" that happened ten to twelve thousand years ago. Our intelligence, the wisdom–knowledge that once made us a great society, was taken away by the god from within because of our violations to each other. The giant owl in the story represents wisdom–knowledge of the spirit. Without the intelligence of the spirit, you cannot think and when you cannot think the human body–spirit rules the mind with the emotions and fears.

The people I descend from come from the Aztec Nation. Joseph says there were seven groups who broke away from the Aztec and migrated North as the Aztec society was going down, when the priests were sacrificing people at the alter. They broke away from the Aztec rule for the same reason the Pilgrims came to this country, they wanted freedom from religious and political oppression. Anthropoligists trace these groups through the root Uto–Aztecian language. Henry Paradise and I come are the most Northern sprouts of their seed scattered in four directions before the coming of the white sons to this continent.

The Sun Dance ceremony practiced by the people I belong to originally had twelve poles arranged to mirror the path of the sun as it traveled across the sky. For three days and four nights, a participant dances in the sun blowing through a whistle eating no food and drinking no water. If you enter one time, then you must enter a second time so that the number of times you are in the Sun Dance is always an even number. Bloodletting as a sacrifice is strictly forbidden as is blood in any form whatsoever. No one knows anymore why the original Sun Dance had twelve poles, nor the numerical significance of the days and number of times you are in the Sun Dance, nor do we know why blood is not allowed as a sacrifice. Joseph tells me that the absence of blood in the Sun Dance is so we do not migrate backwards to the bloodshed of our ancestors. This is a strict rule. As for the numerical symbols in the Sun Dance we have lost our connection to the ancient people and what these symbols mean. Time has eroded whatever it was we knew and we ad–lib and arrange our interpretation to what we can understand and the circumstance of the times dictate.

The symbolic references in the Sun Dance ceremony were placed there by the ancient people to carry through time as a remembrance. The Sun Dance ceremony practiced today is a healing ceremony of the spirit and the body, though it is not altogether conscious the significance of the two. Over time different tribes have borrowed the Sun Dance ceremony and inserted bloodletting as a sacrificial rite. This is the Sun Dance ceremony that has been popularized by movies but does not reflect the essential symbolic system of the original Sun Dance as it was known by the people Henry Paradise and I come from.

The American Indian reservation and the people I belong to suffer from the calamity of the times. Individuals amongst us who live close to nature have found certain truths there. Yet, there is no clear instruction in our mythology or otherwise of the spiritual truths we may have had at a very early time in history. We are the end listener in a long line of oral tradition passed from person to person from generation to generation and like the game called Gossip, the original message is not there for us to hear. Joseph tells me that this phenomenon is the same in the mythology of cultures all over the world. The mass amnesia we suffer of our ancient past is common to all cultures. We know little about the kind of science used by the Egyptians or the ancient peoples of the Americas. The libraries of the ancient world were destroyed. The Bible is a history of people but the words have been translated and retranslated many times over losing the essential meaning of what we may have known of our spiritual nature.

The belief systems we hold about God or the spirit are sacrosanct to each person and beyond the realm of rational thought. We believe in miracles and we believe in the magic of the healers and psychics. What you believe is powerful, so powerful that it can heal you spiritually or physically. I have seen people healed by belief alone whether that belief has been in God or Jesus or the Bible, or in a stone or feather or medicine bag of a healer. Until we have in hand some scientific base upon which to know what God is or what the spirit is, it is important to have in place the best possible understanding of the spiritual world. If we do not have the best possible understanding of our spiritual nature we are subject to superstition or cynicism, two sides of the same coin.

Joseph has stated the natural laws or the golden rules of life of how to live with our fellow humans. The pathway to the science of God is through living these natural laws. When we live these laws, our children will realize where their gifts and unique potential come from and stop mimicking the behavior of the people around them. Joseph says that if God, the one whole God everyone talks about, was to come out of the sky and announce to people to stop eating meat, the older among the human population that eat meat would not be able to follow this command. The people in between old and young would be able to follow the order not to eat meat half of the time. It would be the young and unborn who would be able to refrain from eating meat as a way of life. We, as humankind, are subject to our habits and training. It is hard to change how we see ourselves and the world. It will be a child who will see himself and the world unfettered by the training and dogma that constrains us; it will be the children who will lead us.

Joseph says a Judgement has been announced by the Spirit Council of the universal system. It has already been decided to destroy the earth's people for their sins against each other. The time frame for this judgement is not designated by time as we humans perceive it. Joseph said the the entry into the Year 2,000 is one of high potential. We, as humankind, have the potential to reach an understanding of God that we have never had before in humankind's history. We also have the power to destroy ourselves through our lack of understanding. We do not have in place the leadership to move us away from destruction. Yet, it is possible to realize a shift in thinking on an individual basis. Joseph tells me that any shift in our thinking is relayed instantaneously to the universal system by the god within.

We, as humankind, possess a source of great power that comes to us from far beyond. We use the intelligence of this power in all that we do on a daily basis without knowing it is there. This power creates us and is the breath of life. We need the intelligence of the creation to help us solve the crises the world is facing. On an individual basis we need to harness the negative component of our own emotions and fears. It is our habits that is our society's failure or success. The struggle between good and evil is a long playing record in the history of humankind. Hate, predjudice, jealousy and greed are as real today as it has ever been. It is our negative emotions and fears that bind us to the patterns that will eventually destroy us all.

People do not want the truth if it means they must take responsibility for themselves. We would rather hang onto the idea there is some greater force outside our control that decides our destiny. It is hard to look at ourselves and contend with our anger, hate, jealousy, and greed. It is not easy to confront the fear we experience as fear is an instinct so vital that it is indeed, self–preservation. Yet, we are given our higher consciousness to reason so that our fear does not rule us so we can learn new things and so we can change for the better. Our connection with our conscience is with our positive thoughts. We need the connection to our god, to the intelligence found there, to the potential we all possess to bring ourselves and the world the peace and happiness we desire.

As we enter the next millennium, we need more credible information about ourselves as spiritual and human beings. We need to know the strength of our intangible nature, not as a childlike, fairy tale story but as a bonafide statement of fact. We need to be more conscious about what motivates us, what causes us to do what we do and how our individual actions affect the people around us. There is an old guard going out that made it possible to live an isolated existence from other people the world over. This type of isolation is no longer feasible as the world's population grows and as the level of our understanding grows. We are all in this together, like it or not. It is urgent to do whatever we can to prepare ourselves, on an individual basis, for the stress of coexisting. Those who cannot do this will self–eliminate themselves taking with them whoever is in the line of fire. We know these things even if we do not see this as Judgement Day. It will not be sufficient to act with faith alone, there must also be good action based on a good understanding of one's human and spiritual nature.

We, as humankind, were given all the wonderful gifts the earth system provides us. To have peace and goodwill amongst each other as fellow humans we have to exert good action. Our god is with us and will help us to have good action, from our thoughts to our deeds, by understanding what and where our god is and what and where the devil is. Our good action will become our habit, our nature, our default. The four laws given in this book are an instruction for how we, as humankind, can live together peacefully. The do not offend policy is critical to our happiness and the happiness of those around us. Do not offend your neighbor and if you do, apologize. Also, forgive yourself for wrongdoing and your conscience will lead you to action where you will find equilibrium. Forgive those who do wrong to you and set clear limits of acceptable behavior for them with trust. Your god is with you always. Talk to your god, imagine he is sitting right next to you, he is your friend, he is your comfort, he is your intelligence, your conscience, your wisdom and life.

The words in this book are stated for the record. This message is for all people, black, red, yellow and white and all colors in between, irrespective of national or political alliance, good or bad, rich or poor. The Instruction is not a religion, belief system or knowledge gained by human understanding. The Instruction is coming from the spirit and is a gift given to all humankind. To understand this book is to understand that each individual has the responsibility to change the world for peace or not, for joy or not, for truth or not. We give this instruction with our blessings, praises and thanks to all humankind.

Pgs. 149 - 156, I AM JOSEPH, THE INSTRUCTION, edited.

1. Do not violate (hurt or harm) your fellow humans. 2. Give your blessings, thanks, and praise to your fellow humans. 3. Forgive. To live in peace, forgiveness has to occur. 4. Communicate with your spirit/soul (within each of you).