Judgement Day

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Time has a limit and it is called the judgement. People have heard of this dark piece of news from all corners of the world. A major judgement by the Spirit Council System, by the universal God and his agents, comes to civilization's people in increments of two thousand years. The judgement by the Spirit Council comes because humankind is violating each other through all the sins, the annihilance of give and forgive, especially the violations concerning the treatment of the poor and the minority. The Bible's reference that the meek will inherit the earth means that the treatment of the poor, the minority and the defenseless will be the basis for God's judgement upon people. Our treatment of the poor and the minority is the premise upon which we all, as humankind, will be judged.

The judgement is here. The judgement to society began during my trial–test when the announcement from my god came in to return to 1968 level prices. The greed of those in power is driving the cost of basic commodities beyond the grasp of the average people enslaving them. The poor and the minority cannot buy the food they need to survive, nor the housing they need to shelter them, nor the transportation they need to find work. All of this is a violation of God's law to humankind to not violate each other.

The Bible instructs us the day of reckoning with God is going to come in the form of Jesus' image from behind the clouds. The Bible instructs that on Judgement Day the dead will rise from their graves and Jesus will gather His saved ones, the converted. This is a misunderstanding. When the spirit–soul inside you awakens from where it is buried in the subconscious, or the grave, to judge you, this is the resurrection of the spirit. The Judgement Day people refer to is a judgement rendered by the spirit–soul. Your spirit–soul knows everything about you. He is recording every thought, every action you make, throughout your lifetime.

As a human I, Henry, was alive but I was not open to my subconscious mind, my god–mind, my spirit–soul. I, Henry, was judged through the trial–test and died and my spirit, Joseph, was resurrected. The physical resurrection of my body was separate from the spirit's resurrection. In my trial–test I, Henry, died and through the grace of my god I returned to life. My spirit or spirit–soul's resurrection and awakening as a word command came through as wisdom–knowledge.

The individual judgement by the god within is severe. The judge is the god that lives inside you, in each of you. The personal judgement will come from the inside and the body–spirit will take hold and lead you by any suggestion; this is the lucified state. The spirit–soul or god–mind can push you and you will believe you are doing the thinking through the lucified action, or autohypnosis, of the body. The lucified state comes through the body, through the negative emotions and fears, and transfers to the human mind.

When the promised Judgement Day comes, people are going to be violated by their own spirit–mind or god–mind and some will commit suicide or kill each other. If the spirit wants to judge you, he will give you instructions. In my trial–test as Henry, I was in a trance state because of my emotions and fears. Both my spirit and my human mind were talking to me. The dangerous stage of the judgement is that he, your god, can tell you anything. He could tell you to kill someone or to do this or that. You can feel your god and you can hear his command. Through the minds of people the judgement will come and once the desolation begins we will start killing each other.

We hear people say “my god told me” to commit some crime against another human or humans. The “god” is a reference to every one’s own individual god, both positive and negative. The positive god is your spirit–soul and is deposited in the subconscious mind. The negative god lives in the human's negative emotions and fears, and he directs the human mind. How you respond to the devilment of the judgement will depend on how your human mind has been trained to respond throughout your lifetime.

We know we will be criticized for announcing this state of talking to god. We have all read in the newspapers of some person harming another because his god told him to go ahead. And, it’s true. It is his mind telling him to do that. Your god is putting you to the test using your human mind. The test is, he can tell you anything. The measures you use to know what is right or wrong are the golden rules of do not violate yourself or another human, and to give and forgive. Understanding the golden rules returns humankind to the natural state along with knowing where your god is and then communicating with him.

Joseph, he is talking and he says, I am the spirit. My spirit says, I am not a human but I am coming through Henry. People need to understand where the judge is and who he belongs to. The judge is the spirit–soul, the god in you. Your judgement is going to come from he that created you because he is you as the spirit–soul.

The spirit–soul carries God's energy and is our life. From the spirit–soul come all our positive thought, or our potentials, our gifts and inclinations for the benefit of humankind. Your god is your creator, your spirit–soul, which is your subconscious mind, and is your conscience as judge. He is your leadership and commander of every phase of understanding you gain throughout your life. The life and conscience of every human are uncontrollable; it is here with us all the time we are living and breathing. Your life is your conscience; it is undivided; we carry it with us until death.

Some people say or believe others do not have a conscience. Even murderers know they have committed a sin but the devilment of the human mind may not allow them to admit what they have done to protect their secret. And even when a person can admit a sin he has committed, he cannot allow it to change his course of destruction. This is the power and the strength of the human body–spirit when it is under the command of the negative god, also known as the devil. The negative spirit in other people can deceive you. Many people are in command of the negative spirit of people around them. The negative spirit in people can hypnotize you as easily as your human self can fall prey to its own negative desires.

Yet not all people will be judged. Some people are instructively open to their spirit–soul, their creator, their god, which is the subconscious mind. Individually, you can draw yourself to the conclusion of success or failure. You can also destroy your society's people. The autohypnosis I went through during my trial–test, when used with the positive emotions, can open doors to success. If you believe in the goodness of humankind, believe in your own goodness, you can create a new reality. When you violate your fellow human, you will know you have walked down the wrong path to your destruction and to the destruction of society around you.

When the time limitation comes we are awakened by the spirit sound referenced as Gabriel's horn in the Bible. The spirit's vibration is a powerful force. We all know a sound vibration can break glass or bring down buildings or structures of all kinds. Instructively, it will arise all the hidden spirits in the human populations and the judgement of the whole will begin. Destructive forces will command from each person's spirit–soul to receive judgement to the right, to the wrong, to bring an equilibrium in the human body–spirit and in society. The sound vibration of Gabriel's horn may be pronounced in sections from North, East, West and South.

When the masses go into judgement, it will come in quick form. Overnight people will be walking in a daze, feebleminded, illiterate, all the memories taken away that they would console themselves with. Overnight people will become helpless. Your spirit can make you lose your thoughts before you know what those thoughts were. You can become tongue–tied and unable to speak. Everyone has experienced thoughts being on “the tip of their tongue” before they lost them. This is the spirit because your spirit is a vibratory thought in the form of the word command deposited in the subconscious mind. All intelligence of the highest type comes from the word command and the word command is God.

At the time of our personal judgement, we will be in remission of our sins. We will remit the sins by understanding the truth about our god and the laws returning us to our natural state. Our natural state is to have open the channel of communication with our god. To have the sins erased we can return to the high intellectual system used five to six thousand years ago to ten to twelve thousand years ago, and all the gifts therein.

The Indian peoples I, as Henry, come from recollect the laws of nature in the teachings my mother gave me as I give, I give half, my spirit gives the other half. To give is to forgive and to give half is to acknowledge the spirit side gives half of who you are as a human. I spoke a language during my trial–test that announced the four laws that were at the beginning and will be at the end. Before you can communicate with your god and he to you, you have to practice the first three laws to humankind of do not violate your fellow human, give and forgive. The fourth law is to know where your god is and to communicate with him. The four laws are the natural laws, the laws of nature. Nature is to be restored to this order at the two thousand year level. The laws of nature are to be clarified and restored to the right pronunciation and acquirement of effort among the four sons’ people, the white, yellow, red and black. There will be no racial discrimination.

This gift goes to all people whether they are white, black, yellow or red, any color. All humans are created equal; we all have our own creator within us granting us the gift of life and our potentials. Henry Paradise arose from the poorest of the poor. He comes into this gift, this type of inspiration, by the grace of the lord’s measure to give warning of the judgement coming in. I, Joseph, am not of this world. I am a spirit. I am a resurrected spirit as Joseph but my human is Henry Paradise. I, Joseph, awakened early to bring people intelligence about the judgement coming in to society's people.

Pgs. 13 – 23, I AM JOSEPH, THE INSTRUCTION, edited.

1. Do not violate (hurt or harm) your fellow humans. 2. Give your blessings, thanks, and praise to your fellow humans. 3. Forgive. To live in peace, forgiveness has to occur. 4. Communicate with your spirit/soul (within each of you).