The Father, The Son and the Holy Spirit

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As Joseph speaking through Henry, my pronouncements are not very distinct or fluent because of Henry’s lack of education. What is spoken here will offend someone somewhere regarding their religious teachings, belief systems, principles and philosophies or ideas learned through the educational system. I, as Henry, do not possess a diploma from a college or university to validate my gift by today’s standards. Yet, the spirit speaking through me is Joseph and he is The Instruction.

We have come at this time to challenge the explanation and story told in the New Testament and the Old Testament. The spiritual facts have been misconstrued. The principle of our personal god of which Joseph is one, is in contention of the one God instrument. The teaching there is only one God defers the human children away from the spirit in each human. One God means one creation only. As humans, the God we try to worship is the creator of the image instructions within all things, living and inanimate. We, as the spirit world, are intangible beings, a vibration receiving image instructions from the Spirit Council System which at one time as a whole, is the God people mention.

Our religious teachers or preachers tell us one God resides in heaven somewhere outside our bodies. When we place God out of our bodies, we put him out of our understanding, especially our children's understanding. Even though we have all heard of God, we wonder about how He operates, how the help comes from God that is always being spoken of, and how we are being watched by God. Without the wisdom of knowing where our god is, it is easy to think we can do anything, especially a violation to our fellow human. When we do not know where God is or how He is connected to us, we, as humans, are left to the knowledge of our human mind. Because our human mind cannot see God, we believe there is no one around to witness our actions and judge us, so we give ourselves permission to sin. Usually, people who reason this way are in jail, rotting and worrying because they were not taught the right direction.

In the religious teachings of the past two thousand years, the whole of the spirit, or the Whole True God of the beginning, is contained in the statement of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. In truth the one God, its measures and principles, has been infested on the face of the earth and divided into many parts. The Universal God, the Whole God, the one God everyone is praying to, distributed himself upon the face of the earth in the form of a vibratory thought. We spirits are inserted into the millions and billions of parts called atoms and are the Holy Spirit from which all beings come, to all our vegetations, fishes, animals and so on. We spirits are intangible entities contained into the atom and we carry instructions in our rotational movement imaged into us by God. From the Holy Spirit come the masses of peoples of this earth.

We spirits are a divided part of the Whole True God and are the children of God. We, the children of God, manifest the moment we create humans. When we are not creating humans, we are the Holy Spirit. We spirit children are sent here with the word command. The children of God are in the form of God's energy as sound at the highest frequency. Our sound is a language, a vibratory thought, carried by light and we create; we have powers, mighty powers. This vibratory thought is a form of energy that is electrical but more like the static electricity found in the atmosphere. We come from the North Star area but the sun directs our path. As it comes forth it brings his Father, the energy created at the North Star, carried on its back. He comes into the earth's atmosphere and goes into anything that is an electric form. The spirit adheres to the small world of the atom and infests himself into everything known.

The spirit being that is part of me as Henry, is intangible and cannot be seen with the human eye as it is a sound vibration. Joseph is a word command, a vibration of sound only, a spirit being, and is a spirit son and one of the children of God. Joseph is a spirit being and can only be known through the Word. The Word is the only accommodating thing of the whole God system. In the Bible it states The Word was in the beginning and was with God and was Him. This is the closest the Bible comes to explaining God. We, as humans, have the word and when you become open like me, Henry, there is another voice in there.

That is what we, as Joseph, and my creation, Henry, are illustrating. The Word of the creator is only made audible by the human voice. I, Joseph, am telecasting through the instrument called the human voice. My job as Henry is to give an audio pronouncement of Joseph's words. The creative force of God creates only and it selected his true son, the spirit son or the Word, which is in everyone’s body at this time, all over the world. God rests in all of everywhere. The whole of the spirit, or the Father, is into the Son and into the Holy Spirit and all respond because they are all spirit and they are all God’s make. We are all part of the Father, everything is part of the Father, everything that exists.

People's understanding of these pronouncements is jeopardized by the teachings of Jesus Christ as it is translated in the Bible and by our religious leaders. The stance of the churches has to be corrected. Jesus, the man, gets mixed up with the word Christ. Christ is an invented word reflected off the word charisma from the law of gravity, which means to attract. The spirit children do have an attraction, a force to itself, for its growth and fruition of the human. The Christ–being is an intangible property and one of the children of God that has intelligence as to the creation. It is a member of the Spirit Council System that oversees the operation of life on earth. Every two, four, six thousand years, the Spirit Council System sends intelligence as to the creation through one of its members and its creation human. The intelligence about the creation is to reestablish the natural order of the golden rules of do not violate your fellow human, give and forgive and to communicate with your god.

When Jesus referred to his spirit he said it was the Son of God. Jesus did not mean he, as a man, was the Son of God, he meant his spirit was the Son of God. The misunderstanding is Jesus is thought to be the Son of God. Jesus, the man, was not the Son of God. The Christ–being is the Son of God or one of the children of God. Jesus and the Christ–being are seen as one entity when they are two, one tangible and the other intangible coming in as the Word.

In Jesus’ time, we had trouble telling people about the intangible being inside Jesus, the man. People were not able to distinguish Jesus from the Christ–being. The Christ–being is one of the children of God who created Jesus, the man. Jesus was a man, a human being, like any one of us. This is the mystery of the two parts of a human, the spirit and the body, which includes the fears and emotions. To be created in two parts, as a human and as a spirit being, is the most important fact humans can know.

The understanding of the spirit world is nil to most humans. Most church people are looking for the spiritual feeling they get when they go to church. People make the claim, “I am a spiritual man.” They do not know what the spirit is or how it works. I, Henry, am not a holy man and I am not to be holified and made saintly. No human is holy. If a human were holy, he would never do anything wrong. My instruction is not to make myself into a preacher or someone holy.

The only time a human is made holy is when he thinks he is holy and tries to act holy. Many religious sects in this world do have human beings who portray themselves as holy persons; this is not very good. In creating this image of holiness in the form of a human, they overrule any type of human fact and pray all day and to whom? People say your spirit is holy; he is not. Your spirit is not holy because he is part of you as a human and the human contains the devilment of his emotions. Your spirit is an intangible part of you as a human. He is also your soul. He is the one that leaves your body when you die. When the spirit leaves your body, he is set apart from you as a human and returns to a holy state, to the Holy Spirit.

The question comes up, “Was Christ holy?” Jesus and the Christ are referred to as one entity. Jesus was a man. They called him Cä–züs. He drank wine and, as a man, he became drunk on the wine. He did, through the Christ–being, have a gift called the nitrogenic opening. The nitrogenic opening is beyond the fourth dimension and is a condition of performing miracles. He could tear down buildings and this the Christ–being did do at the ninth hour when his life, Jesus, was going down. Buildings crumbled and it became dark. The people around him were sure Jesus was the Son of God because he had these powers. They did not understand it was Jesus’ spirit, or the Son of God, or the Christ–being from within Jesus that gave these powers and not Jesus as a man, as a human. By imperfect interpretation Jesus and the Christ–being were rolled into one entity holifying Jesus the man. These interpretations made by our religious leaders are wrong and are now clarified through understanding the spirit part of the human.

One of Jesus’ gifts was that he spoke many languages. There were many different tribes of people in those days and each sect had its own language. He spoke those languages to preach and to demonstrate the power of unification. The nitrogenic system was left undone. All this came to naught when Jesus was hung on the cross. This cut short all the meaningful intent, support and help the spirit world was going to give to the people as gifts from the spirit side. This is the reason they rectified the announcement to the new Christ–mind to come into Saul, Paul, the teacher in receivership of the New Testament commands.

Our biggest problem now is lack of understanding. People have been waiting for the spirit of Jesus to appear as the image they have seen in the pictures inscribed in the Bible. The pictures are the images of artists. Forevermore, the death of Jesus on the cross is to be forgiven and forgotten. We cannot now migrate backwards to this version of thought. Jesus' name may be erased as a human. The spirit of Christ as the Son of God, as one of the children of God, is to remain and be remembered.

We have to tell people the truth about the human makeup. The spirit or the God we have been worshipping all the time is in fact, invisible beings sent here to create the whole system. They create us and dwell within us always. Your god is in you, watching over you and you can communicate with him. This puts you on an individual and personal basis with your god. To understand the magnitude of all creative factors to its four laws we must conquer the action defeating our understanding. Our defeat comes from the devilment of our own creation as humans.

Our duty as Henry and Joseph is to instruct. We do not speak from the human mind. We speak from the spirit–mind completely because he is god. I, Joseph, do not represent any race or any color of man. As far as the spirit is concerned, it has no color, it has no race, it has no religion, it has no politics. All humans all over the world are made of the same texture, regardless of color, race and culture. We are all created by God’s children. This announcement is to all humans upon the face of the earth to edify themselves to trust your neighbor for the peace we seek and for the joy of humankind.

Pgs. 25 - 39, I AM JOSEPH, THE INSTRUCTION, edited.

1. Do not violate (hurt or harm) your fellow humans. 2. Give your blessings, thanks, and praise to your fellow humans. 3. Forgive. To live in peace, forgiveness has to occur. 4. Communicate with your spirit/soul (within each of you).