The Devil Or The Human Body-Spirit

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“I give, I give half” is the quotation from my mother’s teaching. “There are two of you,” this is the old teaching. The human carries two gods, the negative and the positive. The negative god is the human body–spirit of the fears and negative emotions. The positive god is our life and conscience and is the subconscious mind. We need to know the working orders of the negative and positive gods in the human body’s makeup so we can overcome the judgement coming in.

The type of human body–spirit created on earth (the negative) is different from the spirit–soul (the positive). The important part for humankind to understand is that they work together. The two gods, both positive and negative, work in perfect harmony in the creation. For any electrical system, including the human body, its battery has to have two wires. For a car to operate, two wires are used. One wire connects to the engine; it is the magnetic system. The other wire connects to the ground level; it has to be grounded. In the human’s case, the creation would not be possible without both energies, positive and negative, to create the spark of life.

The human creation has five components: the human mind, the negative and positive gods in two parts each. The human mind belongs to the human part and is neutral at birth. The negative god is the physical body, or human body–spirit, with its fears and emotions. The positive god is the energy that creates and is the Word inserted into the subconscious of the human creation. The human mind with the positive and negative gods rule the human body.

We know the human has five senses; hearing, seeing, smell, touch and taste. What we do not know is we have other senses in the body construction. The human senses are numbered one through nine and are regulated from different locations, different channels in the human. The vibration of its energy goes from the middle of the solar plexus to the top of the head, down to the bottom of the toes and reflected to the arms on both sides, to form a cross.

The human body–spirit is the sixth and seventh sense. The sixth sense is the animal instinct, which is fear–based, and the seventh sense is the emotions. The seventh sense is shared by the positive and the negative gods because emotions are both positive and negative. When the emotions are positive, they belong to god or the spirit–soul; when they are negative, they belong to the devil–infested human. The negative god is the sixth and seventh sense because the fears of the animal instinct are imbedded in the emotions of the human.

The seventh sense rules with the oil–based acids to animate the human and chemicals to produce the negative human emotion. The negative emotions are regulated by the pituitary gland in the body. The pituitary gland is the messenger for all the points in your body because it secretes in the bloodstream. It is found at the forehead above the eyes in the middle. The sixth sense is regulated by a gland at the back of the head or the pineal gland.

The sixth sense in the human is instinctive fear and is the same instinctive fear found in animals as a form of protection. The word command among humans is what makes humans different from animals. Humans are given the reasoning of the human mind so fear will not be used as a prejudice. With reasoning, a human will not use fear to run away, he will stop to pick up knowledge.

The seventh sense is the negative emotions that run hot and are made violent by the chemicals and acids in the body creating hate, envy, jealousy, conceit, doubt and all such. The animal instinct and the negative emotions, or the seventh and sixth senses, are called brothers. They are often considered as one, and as such, they are collectively called the Devil. The negative god goes by the name of the Devil or Satan. He is also called the devil–spirit or devil–mind. The devil’s domain or hell is created on earth through the miserliness of wars and when people are killed through violence.

The devil’s energy, the animal instinct and the negative emotions, are two different things. The animal instinct is the most mild of the two because it is a protection to the animals. On the face of the earth it is fixed so animals live off each other; they eat each other. The creation makes sure most of the big animals eat vegetation. The ones that eat meat, the tiger, wild cats, hyenas, scavengers and different animals of that type, are always on the lookout; they shy away from anything strange as a protection; they have fear.

When the creation is creating the human, they put the same kind of animal spirit in the human to protect him from danger. Unlike the animal, the human can experience the instinct of survival intuitively. The protection instinct is at the base of our survival as a species. It is insidious and not always at our conscious level. Through the sixth sense, we, as humans, act out the animalistic behavior in greed, doubt, self–criticism, fantasy and fear of fear itself.

This same animal instinct in the human population results in racial discrimination. In the animal world, in the jungle or in the field, different species do not mingle with each other until it is forcefully imposed. Animals are afraid of anything strange or anything that looks different from them. When anything strange appears, fear comes in because they do not understand anything except a stranger is in their territory.

Discrimination and prejudice are controlled by fears and the negative emotions. It also has conceit, which is to glorify oneself over others. Racial discrimination occurs because we look at our neighbor as different from us and we fear anything different. When you see someone who looks different from you or speaks a different language, you fear it.

Racial discrimination is caused by the animal spirit in the human and his brother, the devil, who is very violent through the emotions. In the human, the outcome of the animal spirit and his brother, the devil, are fighting and wars. The sixth sense of fear is joined by the seventh sense with the negative emotions of hate, anger and revenge. Discrimination and prejudice in the human result in crime by our youth in our schools and in the streets. When you see a stranger in your territory you fight for it. Then he, the devil, or the animal spirit and the negative emotions, has control.

The chemicals and acids of the body enabling the seventh sense operation serve a necessary function. The chemicals and acids are responsible for setting in motion the body’s actions. The devil’s job is to digest food and break it up producing the energy burned by the body. He also eliminates waste and toxins in the digestive system. He animates the human through oil–based acids to the nerve points and to the muscles in our bodies. Without the chemicals and acids, or the devil spirit of our body, we would not be animated nor could we, as humans, exist the way we exist.

The seventh sense is an energy in each of us, as humans, that we necessarily carry. In the human, if the negative energy is not adequately balanced by the positive god, its force is self–destructive and can lead to diseases and cancers. The devil’s energy exists in all living organisms, including all living things on earth to the plants, animals, fishes, insects and so on. The devil’s energy is evidenced in a plant creating its own destructive organisms such as weevils, maggots, or by an insect creating its poisons.

The seventh sense in the human body’s construction is connected to both minds, the spirit– mind and the human–mind consciousness, which is receiving instructions from the body. The devil in the seventh sense is likened to the gatekeeper of the emotions. If the emotion is positive, the brain communicates this to the human through electricity, electrical responses in the brain. If the body is not producing chemicals and acids through the negative emotions, or the devil, the positive emotions come in.

Through the reaction of the chemicals and acids in our body, the emotions enforce the human mind. Fear and the negative emotions together are very dangerous as they are all triggered without your thinking, without thought. Decisions are made by how you feel and the chemicals in your body respond accordingly. When anger comes, it is hot because it is chemically affected. When jealousy comes, it has the same quality and so on.

All chemical responses from negative emotions go into cell blocks in the human system to be engraved or recorded similar to a taped recording. Later, like a taped recording made earlier, it will play back and destroy the person that is using it. It then becomes a part of the human body–spirit directly because it is imprinted by the chemicals and acids into our body cells.

The human body–spirit is most dangerous. The human body–spirit is the sixth and seventh sense and is the devil. Cheating, lying, hating, jealousies are products of the emotions and feed the emotions, and will destroy you or the people around you. The devil overwhelms the control to the good side and the human mind becomes helpless. The devil–mind then rules. As a single, solitary human, without your god, you are made helpless because a human has plenty of fear and emotions. As a double, which means there are two of you, you are both god and the devil. The animal form of fear and the emotions are a basic part of the nature of the human. The purpose of the god–mind, a positive creative force, is to help you control and temper your emotions for your inner happiness. We humans are chosen to be the gods here on earth and when we are using the positive that is what we will be. Without the proper teaching and instruction, we, as humans, are capable of acting like the animals we are.

The overall God, the one everyone is praying to, is not known here on earth, although the spirit son, the human creator, carries it with him. It is the energy and infinite intelligence mind that creates from the North Star area. God is a vibratory force in frequencies to conduct the human creation in his everyday life. The positive god creates by cosmic vibratory forces and high frequency modulation. It is silent when creating. The god within us creates new cells, flesh, hair, nails, teeth and so on. The positive god in the creation does not have anything hot like fire, acid or toxins.

The negative god creates with fire or the intense heat that creates silver, gold, diamonds and other minerals. The devil animates the human with acids and chemicals, and is very poisonous, very dangerous when not known. The positive and negative gods work together creating and sustaining human life throughout the whole of the human’s lifetime.

The god and the devil are the two energy forces included into our body makeup. One god creates and the other animates the human; one is the creator and one is the operator. Our human creation needs and has both the positive and negative energies. The god and the devil are located everywhere within the body. Every human has a devil spirit; every human has the spirit of god within them. Even though we are greedy people or the negative, we are still carrying our god that is hiding.

The devil has to be understood. The devil has to be revealed for what he is so he can come out of his hiding place and be controlled. The devil animates the human body. The devil is felt instantly all over the body because he is the body in the fears and negative emotions. We have to teach our children that our emotions and fears are dangerously habit forming. Once you adopt behavior through negative emotions and fear, it becomes a type of being residing in your brain cell systems. We call this being the negative spirit or the human body–spirit. If you practice evil, if you practice wrongdoing to your fellow man, your reward is to become the devil himself. He controls you through your habits and through your fears, his brother, the animal instinct.

The human mind; God and his son, the Word; the devil and his brother, the animal instinct, all rule the human body. Your god is in you, your devil is in you, and your human mind is neutral until it picks up people’s teachings. Our children need to know the composition that underlies the psychology of our makeup as humans, about their creation and where everything draws, including their potentials. These are important facts because our lack of understanding is causing the violence in our children, our friends and neighbors. We are violating each other in one form or another because we do not know the truth about god and the devil, who he is, where he is, what he is. For the last five to six thousand years these facts have been obscured and hidden.

Pgs. 53 - 65, I AM JOSEPH, THE INSTRUCTION, edited.

1. Do not violate (hurt or harm) your fellow humans. 2. Give your blessings, thanks, and praise to your fellow humans. 3. Forgive. To live in peace, forgiveness has to occur. 4. Communicate with your spirit/soul (within each of you).