United States and The God Factor - Part I

Copyright © 1974 – 2019. The Tzó-Nah Fund.

There is a spiritual uprising of the devil infested earth through the last two thousand years. My command is to warn people of the destitution of the mind of each individual controlled by the god factor. This concept of god has been misunderstood through the reign of Jesus Christ the last two thousand years. This is shown through the violence of wars every twenty years and symbolizes the bloodshed and crucification of Jesus Christ.

War is always insisted upon by evil, by wanting other people’s property or in Jesus’ case, they did not like the people migrating to his cause, and therefore, taking away from the Roman rule which included the land they ruled. That is where covet [what belongs to another] and envy come in. This is one of the most important emotions that migrate into sin and revenge. When there is envy you crave something someone else has and you will kill for it. This same happened when the white sons came to America. The hate in them was bad. They were poor serfs living upon land owned by kings who over ruled them with power, over ruled them with the might of armies and over ruled them with wealth. When they came here the evil feeling of hate and envy was intense and they would do anything to own land, including lying, stealing, killing and all such acts of sin.

The American Indians of the United States have an action against the government for the destruction of the human decision by placing the Indian people onto reservations. The decision power was stolen from the Indian people by the government to affect the land treaties, and all treaties made, to the natural resources. These lands and resources have been lost to the Indians forever. The desolation of faith through deceit and thievery, envy of land, gold and silver destroyed the meaningful prayers of the Indian people and denied them their spiritual grace. The treaties made in good faith all came to naught through greed. There was a disgraceful act of racial discrimination against the Indians by denouncing the Indian people as savage, imposing characterization of Indians as dirty, drunken bums. History books denounced the Indian people by name calling reducing their position as human beings.

The destitution of all Indians through the last 200 years was initiated by the government of the United States by the people’s demand for land and its resources. The Indian people were hauled onto reservations. The demand persists to the minor detail of the present day government control of Washington, D.C. through the Bureau of Indian Affairs. The Indian people living on the prison compounds called reservations do not have autonomy over their own government. True self-determination can only come when the land and titles are returned to the Indian peoples so they can make their own decisions, pay their own taxes and run their own governments. The spiritual command of the government failed the Indian people completely. The government’s misunderstanding of the spiritual world has put the Indian people out of control. For these losses the Indian people suffered the loss of spirit, the right to control their destiny and migrated into drunkenness and the annihilation of their society. And also to the black people there is an action against the government for placing them into physical slavery. For these violations, the judgement faces off the evil part of the government which is attempting to control the world.

The citizens of the United States are to release the Indian peoples from spiritual bondage electrified into the reservation system as wards of the government. It is fitting and fair the Indian peoples become like everyone else. The Declaration of Independence provided for control of freedom of speech, freedom of press, liberty and justice for all. This was violated through the command of slavery of the blacks and spiritual and physical detention of the Indian people. The government is to be punished for these acts. The lawyers and politicians in the white world will be the first ones going down.

The rule in the United States is going down, just like the Romans did. Now you can not find a Roman or Roman rule anywhere. What happened to them. They were in their less care attitudes and when they did take care of business it was all sex orgies to any degree. Those measures are the hardest to temper and compose. We are trying to get the true psychology in focus so we do understand it.

In consideration of the Indian people in the United States I came to receive this gift. This spiritual action is the same as Moses came to deliver the Hebrews from bondage from the Phoenicians with his Ten Commandments. After Moses came Jesus and the Christ Being. The multitude, the mass of people, followed Jesus before the Romans stepped in and hung him on the cross. Jesus was violating the Roman government rule, not their spiritual understanding. The Jesus reign will come to an end and the new teaching, new spiritual leadership will go to one son. In this case, it is given to the North American Indians through the Aztec ancestry of Shoshone, Paiute and all the rest known. The red man’s son is the brother of the other three sons white, yellow and black. To the tune of friendship and to every human kindness known, and to every human courtesy this announcement is for violence to be annihilated through the new teaching.

We do understand we as Indian people lost our identity for the violation of our leaders, our priests who content themselves to sacrificing the human body in violation to the families and neighbors. We were burned to the earth in course of those actions and we were concluded into those measures. The people that came to this land from Europe in the beginning did come to help. Those people did come and gave us the technology created and invented by continuous action and definite purpose. We do appreciate all those, we recommend our praise, we recommend our blessing and thank them for those uses for our convenience. Yet we still do not witness peace, in either society to the Indian peoples and to the ones who have come here to this land.

It is time now to rectify and make peace with the truth about ourselves and our neighbors. A peace ceremony has to take place between the people that was here when the people came here, the white race and the Indians. The forgiveness has to be done in two parts. To the Indians and to the whites and the whites to the Indians there has to be forgiveness. Although you are Indian, many of you are part white. Very seldom do you see a full-blood Indian and we are not qualified yet. We cannot come out of this punishment extended to the descendants of the people that violated the human rights, those sins to sacrifice the human body to the fire god.

This same action occurred during Noah’s time when the people along the Amazon, the Odonites, migrated West and later became the Amons. The red sons migrated West out of this country, out of this continent. Japan is part of that movement of people out of this continent. Some of the red nation are included into Mongolian through this migration West. The Northwest Pacific Indians resemble the yellow race but truly they are the red people. Their forebearers brought the horses that came to this country by way of China through the back door of America along the Northern tip of Alaska. The Easter Island monuments are a part of that inscription but are not known to us now because of the obliteration of the mind memory. Their ideas and philosophies are mixed into the transversal measure of culture who adopted them, the Japanese and the yellow race mixed together.

We are all to become Americans, Native Americans. We are all involved now because our bloods are mixed. The general rule, the love of mankind, the peace and security all belongs to the human race subdivided to all people all over the world once and for all so we can have peace. As noticed people are more to the greedy side, they want to take all. That is why there are wars and totalitarian, imperialist governments. To further this statement, we would have South America, Mexico, Canada and the United States under one land, under one law demonstrated. There is a greediness factor included into the law makers of this country. This quotation comes from the spirit world not from the human because this man that is uttering the sound has received a gift through his spirit only. Do not blame the body of this spirit making these official announcements. The body of this spirit is not an educated man and he is very illiterate compared to those men who run these United States.

 1. Do not violate (hurt or harm) your fellow humans. 2. Give your blessings, thanks, and praise to your fellow humans. 3. Forgive.  To live in peace, forgiveness has to occur. 4. Communicate with your spirit/soul (within each of you).