United States and the God Factor - Part II

Copyright © 1974 – 2019. The Tzó-Nah Fund.

The principle into all these actions is we must have a government that gives free choice. It is very dangerous to give free choice to the human mind only. Humans cannot handle freedom of press, freedom of speech, freedom of religion, freedom of this and that. Greediness and jealousy and hatred always come in so we have to join forces with our god, our gods, because we all have spirits in us. Each and every individual upon the face of the earth has his own god that is the spirit that gives him life. That is the spirit that gives him conscience and his manners, his stance toward his fellow human.

The Republican and Democrat parties represent a pro and con system that is spiritual by nature, two parties, two minds. They should get together and agree on the problem using sportsmanship when they are running for office. They should not violate one another. When one controls, this always means slavery. But the two compromising, helping each other then the spirit will come into help them.

In the United States there are too many millionaires. The measure of the stock market equations are defective in that people can make millions while the poor suffer from high prices. The people who invented this system were brought over from Europe and repositioned into the formality of the stock market. For the three dimensions of society there are only a few basic needs of food, shelter and health for satisfaction and happiness but they are hard to come by.

The judgement is very noble but going into judgement we can be completely erased off and be no more. We can over rule this judgement and we can also control the emergency crises of inflation, the high prices. The budget has to be balanced and new laws have to be imposed getting rid of the old ones that are not useful. Those laws that violate the people around you need to be purged.

As far as justice for all, this does not stick if the rich benefit. We have to understand the true meaning of slavery included into all the economic measures. The true meaning of slavery is included into all the economic measures. We must remind the society’s leadership to set prices of all commodities to fit the minority; the average mass of people, those living dollar to dollar, paycheck to paycheck, on limited funds. Prices are geared for the third dimension of people, the very rich or the leadership. Most people cannot afford to buy gasoline at $1.50 a gallon or any commodity that is priced high (1974 prices?). The constructive part of the economy is based on tolls, or taxes, to be divided equally among the people. To pay for the structure sub-structure of communities. This can be a good quality to accommodate all the expenses of the government’s functioning if it is not siphoned off here and there and all over to benefit the big companies, to benefit the rich, to benefit the political powers.

The government of the United States is spending billions of dollars exploiting outer space to which we have no tenant, no tentified action or reason to be going that direction. What good will it do the many hungry mouths and the people with no jobs while we try to reach a place where there is no oxygen and space dust. Millions of dollars are spent on this quest to space and to the planets. These concerns are none of ours. Space and the planets are the spiritual world of our father god’s children which is the creator of human occupations and it is for them to demonstrate those actions beyond and after death. That is a question we have to be content and be satisfied with. To have our stomach full, good homes and good health is all the human needs. We are depriving humans of their very basic need by spending money to reach into space when our peoples are suffering here on earth. This action is condemned and be multiplied into sins hereafter to the children to the children’s sake and all questions asked.

There has been turmoil and violence to the wars and the mother’s grief to the peoples feeling to lose the brothers, fathers, and friends. At the present we are suffering from the high inflation and this is not to the good. The poor people especially the old, people like myself, are in grief from the hardship of the high prices. We need this understanding so our children can behave like good human beings, not violating one another in the streets, in the homes, in the schools and everywhere else.

Our cities are full of people and we are only two hundred years old. We have to move our people out of the cities. We cannot all be teachers, we cannot all be doctors, we cannot all be lawyers. Some of us have to do the hard work to clear land, level ground, make canals for irrigation and to have those definite period of planning for planting and harvesting and all those questions.

All humans are not created equal by the beings inside them, their special gods, the children of god. Their gifts to the individual human are not all alike. Notice some people are more inclined to the mechanical side of their instruction, or to be good musicians, or good physicians, healers or professors or teachers and so on.

Most of our students are in college because their parents are pushing them there, the system is pushing them there. They come out with memory of very little and try to imitate and destinate their position because they are trained for that case. Some are using it and some are not qualified. All those positions into different fields of operation, especially courses of memorization, it is not coming from god.

Our children are not trying to achieve wisdom. It is money power, for power itself over one’s neighbor. We are filling our children’s minds empty of wisdom. All our education is geared to have us compete with one another on an animal basis, to out do, to out reach, to do in the guy next to us. Our best minds know how to launch the grandest schemes without tapping into wisdom. We are destroying our environment, our society, while keeping pace with our great ideas made without wisdom.

We are wondering why we can not cure crime in the United States. We are trying hard to find ways to dispense with crime but we are not teaching wisdom. We think we have to be severe with the violators and we will be doing good. To be severe will not do any good. It is like a jackass, the more you whip them the meaner he is going to get. That is our trouble as we humans are something worse than the jackass, we are devils. We created all these disasters upon our societies’ people. The high prices, the crime in the street, we created those through our own devilment and our lack of wisdom.

To teach wisdom we will cure that disease we call crime. To help yourself by delivering yourself from evil by good understanding. We do not have peace means we do not have a good understanding. The New Testament, the Old Testament did not deliver the truth about the god in you. These books have every ingredient in them and it has been passed down from stories over 5,000 years ago through father to son down the line. Someone tried to tell the story into the human dimension understanding it did not work. Wisdom is what we need. Wisdom is the word from the true god that creates us and the energy of his father. The true god is into everything that created mankind, insects, animals, fishes. We as the human are the god and the devil in one body.

The god you have been praying to is right within you. You are the hands that will uplift the nation through the god in you. Your neighbor is the god who will give you a helping hand because he has hands and he has feet, he can run and he can walk. But the god you have been praying to is hiding right within yourself, way deep close to your heart. It is the energy that makes your heart tick to give you life and conscience and to give electric form to all the vital points in your body to be in motion, to be useful to your body’s action.

The Constitution says under god, meaning one god. This statement is in contention of the spirit’s multiplication of itself, of the whole god coming into distribute himself all over the face of the earth to create humans. The one god is in contention of the spirit that created all humans, the children of god in many spirit forms, many gods. His rotation movement is the universal movement to create only and cannot be seen.

That is a measure we do not understand. The new constitution is provided by the tablet. These are the measurements to his image and to his infinite intelligence, his instructions, his makeup. The quote is many gods, under one law. The four laws are to not violate your neighbor, to give and to forgive and to communicate with your god. Those are the laws that return us to the natural state, to the correct posture and form before the devil stepped in to over rule the body.

As you notice you cannot complete any creative work if your instruction is wrong. You cannot go where your boss is residing if you do not know his address to ask him how am I going to get this work done right. You need to know where your boss is at in order to talk with him, to get his instructions to show you the correct measures. Then you can build the material formality or the home or the construction to satisfy your neighbor without violating him.

That is the curement to get to the understanding and make it your faith and belief for all time to come. The instruction is to start teaching the children, let them be conditioned to it, to this new understanding that their god is right within themselves. Our god is with us at all times. Do not put him up in high heaven where you cannot reach him.

The way we have been living for the last few thousand years we think our god is up in high heaven. We feel we can do what we want because he is beyond our control, we cannot get to him. We make excuses and say, I am just a human. We tell ourselves we do not have to listen to the preacher or the church teaching or any holified system because of the deceitful condition of one man elevating himself to the god person, moving way out of the human’s reach. We say, he, the god is out of our reach, so we tell ourselves we can go to the society around us and do as they do and go into sins. The sins are of the type where you can be seen drinking, smoking, smoking marijuana and to the dope habits, not to mention the crime our children are conducting.

This is the termination period and with the help of our neighbors, those around us, we are going to teach our societies’ children from the time they are babies at home. We need help from the government in the form of grant money for studies on how to assemble this information and get it to the people. We are asking for everyone’s help whether you are white, black, yellow, red, as long as you are Native Americans. Come in and get to the understanding to teach our children. Place god in his right place, his potentials are right there. The same as your potential are right inside of you into your brain cells.

1. Do not violate (hurt or harm) your fellow humans. 2. Give your blessings, thanks, and praise to your fellow humans. 3. Forgive. To live in peace, forgiveness has to occur. 4. Communicate with your spirit/soul (within each of you).