United States and The God Factor - Part III

Copyright © 1974 – 2019. The Tzó-Nah Fund.

To understand those questions you have to open to the communication with your god. The opening is a trial, test tribulation method mentioned in the New Testament not quoted to its true description. The spirit can talk and that is where the word, the spirit comes in. You as a human create evils of all type through your emotions an occupation through the continuous form of practice of some wrong doing. You become the devil. Only the humans create those devilments of excuses to the sins.

Through the eyes of god they claim everyone is received in sin which is not true. Your god is sitting right in your head at all times covered up in the seventh sense level. Through the membrane tissue you have to open the channel to yourself through high intensified desire to communicate with your potentials, your power, which is your god system.

You are included into the god system. You are the god yourself in spirit only, into the invisible side of your makeup. As a human only, you can destroy yourself and your society by creating the devil. That is the judgement, the emergency crises we are faced with. It is up to us to cure it.

To accept the tablet’s measure of understanding means we can tap into those energies we knew before our god was closed to us. We know what kind of energy we can create because we [spirits] made the type of energy interposed to every creation factor. There is a type of receiving instruction to the people’s command of teleporting system. This is into the pyramid of Egypt at the beginning through the end. This is into all the myths demonstrated in the Arab culture as the genie that is hiding in the bottle to be rectified and be open to demonstrate the magnification of the very small. You have all heard the stories of the carpets flying with a man on it holding a wand. The vibration of the bubble measurement through the reflection of its control to the magnetizing or the metallurgy principles of the fiber to the temperature of the isomogenic system of the core of the earth to the carbonited radioactiveness of its control to the gravity pull to the North Star’s reflection from the solar system. This is the announcement to go to the scientific minds only because our part as humans and spirit will give you half measure. We want good mathematicians, chemists, metalologists and also scientific minded people to come to our aid.

The energy we need can come from the sun and stored as it was done ten thousand years ago. America is named after the peoples that lived here then. The Incas, Mayans and Aztec come from these people created along the fertile valley of the Amazon. There were Amazic people or Amacians. The Odonites and the Amons which we have never heard of were the ones with that knowledge. They are the first humans created twenty thousand years ago along the Amazon River to the Valley of the Moon. The red nation represents the remnant of those peoples. Also the Phoenician type of its instruction and creation to the half-casts to Africa to the Cambodia area of the yellow race is announced and told for the first time. To rectify these gifts to the question of our human quality of mind cannot be construed effectively. The human will eventually destroy himself, with his nation and his society of people along side of him without feeling of guilt because he cannot understand the impossibilities of the intangible means of the spirit side of himself.

So the truth is to know yourself better with the understanding that will be given to you as instruction and information. Communicate with your god mind, the subconscious mind, our connection to the infinite, or our god. The channel is the fourth law. Inspiration is coming from the whole to our philosophies and ideas unquantitatively the same as the nitrogen and hydrogen component of all elements of the type needed for vegetables from the spirit side of its own magnanimity, the electric formation through static electricity ,which is a composite of instrument used by our god system to create our bodies. Our motivation action is demonstrated through the same reaction of simplified static electricity type to the chemical reaction to the nerve to the muscle; all are activated by chemicals. In our medicine to our prescriptions, we are counteracting this system by occupying our bodies with chemicals that are commonly not fit for every one’s body because we are all not created to the same principles.

In the United States we are having a national crises that is social, economic and pertaining to the environment and energy sources. The crises we are in now, the crime in the streets, the inflation, the depletion of our energy resources, the weather, the environmental questions will not stop because we are going to the judgement time and it is here already. The judgement is not a very good pronouncement because if you try to predict some one’s future you are not doing right. It is a violation to the laws of the spiritual command to the human creation because you are not supposed to tell him anything. If you are undeveloped and the spirit is coming backwards like a dream then you get the wrong message. If you open enough and then ask questions, he is liable to tell you anything.

I am Joseph, and the Instruction for the next 2000 years. Listen and behold for these are the announcements coming from the spiritual counsel, the judges sitting atop and inside each one of you on the intangible side. I, Joseph, am the spirit inside this man in direct line communication with my creation coming from the bottom up through the eighth sense door and out the mouthpiece for your ears to hear. The changeover is ordered every two thousand years directive to humankind’s greediness, his contempt of the command do not violate one another. The new instruction are the command of the golden rules of life to not violate your fellow human, to give and to forgive. To transmute your energy into positive action, to free yourself of sickness, to transcend your defeats and sorryness, and all your sadness and all desires to the greater command to the right gift from your god mind to you. Our push is to demonstrate and illustrate the love and trust for all humanity to gain peace in this world.

This is not a religious sect or anything similar. We are here to help mankind to let them know how they are created and the true part of god within them. There are two of you, the spirit being and the human being. This gift is to give you a chance to open to your god so you can share the glory and bounty of the gifts within to your neighbor for peace and satisfaction. This is for the joy of the world for the harmony we have been seeking and not finding.

By this announcement, the leadership of the white race is given the true understanding of the infinite intelligence or the high intellectual system for them to improvise into the administration of their business activities. They must have respect for it. They must listen to it. They must keep it to the best action because defeat or success depends on the violations to your neighbor. How you treat your minority people on the face of the earth is how your society will be judged every two thousand, four thousand year period. I said before, I am not of this world, I am a spirit. I am the resurrected spirit as Joseph but my human is Henry Paradise.

The punishment to people's society does not come today. The punishment comes to the descendants. The punishment comes to the generation after yours sometimes ten generations later to the society of your descendants. The Indians of this continent were in the highest class of understanding of the principles of the creation at one time. They lost all that. You can look at the Indians on this continent today. The judgement went to the society as a whole, not as individuals. I know because I am an Indian.

The descendants of the Aztec, Mayans and Inca are living in poverty on reservations and cites all across the North American continent. The society of the people are with less care or definite purpose and without continuous action, the indefinite position of the human superstitious mind and witchery action. I, Henry, hear it all the time, "that person is putting a spell on me, and that person did this to me by looking at me, putting a curse on me." I am talking about the society of people as a whole, not individuals. Listen and behold because this is the spirit Joseph announcing because the body I belong to is an illiterate person of the most feeble of all societies upon the face of the earth. They lost their communication with their god and were cast to nature. The punishment is the most disgraceful and hardest pronounced on any human society for violation of human rights, sacrificing human bodies to the fire god ceremony system of the priest's action.

The spirit rule is coming to North America at this time. The United States will not recover its economic strength but it will be the spiritual leadership for the world. In this country there are many bloods, mixed bloods of many races from many nations around the world. In the spirit world, blood does not count, it is people as human beings, universal spiritual beings. The command now is to change our understanding. We have our own god within us. We carry our own creator, our own special god which is one of the children of god. The children of god were infested in and around to create only. His regulation and his rules are not to connect himself to any human in any possible form to the tune of four thousand years. This is a warning and is a a true fact, we have been without our god, our source of wisdom all these many years as we people on earth now collectively come to the judgement point, the telling point for our sins past and present.

The judgement to society's people for violation of the law do not violate your fellow human is very dangerous in its debilitating capacities for humans over generations of time. The subconscious mind is ready to tell the world of the misgivings and practices of wrong actions to all nations of people. It is an instruction and it is a warning. How you treat your minority and the poor people on the face of the earth is how your society will be judged every 2, 4, 6, 8 thousand year period. I said before, I am not of this world. I am a spirit. I am the resurrected spirit as Joseph but my human is Henry Paradise.

By these announcements the United States is in receivership of the spiritual commands of the 4.0. When the teaching starts it has to be given by orders from the President of the United States and it has to include everyone to the mothers and fathers into school. It is important to understand this science than it is to understand any technology that is upon the face of the earth which is causing us a lot of trouble. We have joined forces as human beings, not as different races as Indians or white people or whatever other race you identify, in these United States. In unity form we are in this condition to enjoy the country for its worth, its property, its natural resources and all commodities.

1. Do not violate (hurt or harm) your fellow humans. 2. Give your blessings, thanks, and praise to your fellow humans. 3. Forgive. To live in peace, forgiveness has to occur. 4. Communicate with your spirit/soul (within each of you).