Brochure: I am Joseph, The Instruction

Brochure, I Am Joseph, The Instruction

Copyright 1974-2019, The Tzó-Nah Fund.

About the Author Tzó-Nah descends from the Aztec people who migrated north before the Aztec rule was overtaken by Spanish conquerors. Seven groups fled at the same in search of freedom from personal and religious oppression. The seven groups are integrated into the Comanche, Hopi, Mesa Indians of the southwest, Ute, Shoshone, Bannock and Paiute living in Idaho, Nevada, southeastern part of Oregon (Malheur). Western linguists trace their relationship to one another by the Uto-Aztecan root in the native languages. Over four hundred years ago, before the coming of the white spirited sons to South and North American continents, a prophecy directed the leadership then to scatter the remnant seed of the ancient people in four directions: East West, South and North. Tzó-Nah (and Henry Paradise) is one of the most northerly relations of those seven groups.

1. Do not violate(hurt or harm) your fellow humans.

2. Giveyour blessings, thanks, and praise to your fellow humans.

3. Forgive. To live in peace, forgiveness has to occur.

4. Communicate with your spirit/soul(within each of you).