The Fireplace Tablet

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The fireplace tablet was built by me, Henry Paradise, at the urging command of my personal god, Joseph. The fireplace tablet is a poor man's writing instrument that provides a blueprint of the human creation and its animation. It is a spiritual decree to understand the truth about the positive and the negative god components of the human. Numbers and measurements are the rhetoric of the spirit world as their thought is a symbolic system.

The numbers and measurements of the fireplace tablet are short mathematical phrases. The tablet's measures will bring a cultural change, teaching change and understanding change for all people. The understanding is given to the children so they can individually and together achieve peace upon the face of the earth.

In ancient times a stone monument or tablet was used for announcing the Word of God. We have heard of Moses' tablet and we understand that it brought the golden rules. We know the stone tablet of Moses came with laws but what we do not know is that it also came with numbers and measurements. The numbers and measurements of Moses' tablet were translated by the human mind and away from the spirit world. What did come forth were the golden rules because they could be understood. People do not understand the full significance in the stone tablet that was created. Moses' tablet announced the one God but we do not understand the reflection symbolized by the number ten (10) in Moses' tablet. With Moses' tablet we have been into one mind only, the human mind. The spirit part is closed to us. This is what is symbolically referenced by the number ten (10) in the Ten Commandments. One line is coming down and the zero is empty; the zero represents a vacuum. The one line down with the zero empty in the number ten (10) means we are using the human mind only and leaving our god out of the equation. Buried in the subconscious, our spirit part has been closed to us for the last five to six thousand years.

The tablet is an instruction in figures. Everything in the tablet is enforced and instructed and told in numbers. The figures in the tablet are added, multiplied and squared representing the dimensions of human standard on earth. To know what these numbers mean we have to compare notes with archeologists and scientists who study civilizations of long past. The mathematical quotations used more than five thousand years ago are not equivalent to what we know today. Our measure today is twelve inches to a foot or the metric system of ten units to a measure. Their mathematical statements represent the creation scaled in billions of units to a measure.

I, Joseph, represent all the spirits creating humans, but the tablet is the law. There are many gods as the children of God all under One Law, or the golden rules of do not violate your fellow human, give, forgive. The fourth law, the quarter missing to the whole for the last five to six thousand years, is to communicate with your god. The instruction given in the fireplace tablet is to help bring peace and harmony to the earth. To find the truth we have to investigate the tablet's measures. The tablet is a blueprint of the secret of life. To have the truth through the tablet measures and it's numbers, we have to understand the description of the human's components of the human's makeup. By understanding the two lines or the two energies we, as humankind, will be guided to opening energy sources in the human now not known. This measure is a scientific fact and can be discovered or uncovered through research. The figures and measurements provided in the fireplace tablet have to be turned inside out and upside down before they will be understood. Nothing of this make can be found in any tablet that has ever existed as no spiritual tablet has described and defined the human's makeup. The tablet is a historical instruction of the humans of this earth described in mathematical symbols representative of the spiritual nature of the universal system. It is a material form with no writing and a reference in symbol form only. The numbers in symbolic form cannot be erased, cannot be obliterated and will stand from generation to generation, thousands and thousands of years. The tablet is in reading formation and is reference material to be used and given forward as a message for everyone.

Pgs. 101 - 119, I Am Joseph, The Instruction, edited.

1. Do not violate (hurt or harm) your fellow humans. 2. Give your blessings, thanks, and praise to your fellow humans. 3. Forgive. To live in peace, forgiveness has to occur. 4.Communicate with your spirit/soul (within each of you).