Spring Newsletter


Henry, is an American Indian, born and raised on a reservation on the Idaho-Nevada border, is a stonemason by trade learned in government boarding school. He is cutting rock on a "sacred" mountaintop when he begins to pray to the rock asking for "wisdom-knowledge." Henry does not expect to receive anything. Henry is "urged" upon by his "Spirit" side in his prayers on the mountaintop and though his grief over the relationship between the Federal Government and the American Indian. The decision power of the American Indian is stolen and compounded by imprisonment on the military compounds now called reservations. The decision power of the land and its natural resources is stolen by the law of the government through treaties by the Justice Department as the enforcing rule. The American Indian lost control of his destiny as a result. Henry comes down from the mountaintop and begins a “Command Mission”, his "trial-test and tribulation urged upon by his spirit–soul. Henry’s physical body, through the emotions and fears, puts him in a trance state he calls “lucifed” for Lucifer or the Devil. This struggle between good and evil, or the positive and negative energies in all humans, is the test Henry goes through to open to his god, Joseph. Henry’s god and Henry’s devil, or his emotions and fears, test him.

Henry is a human being with a spiritual command. Henry builds seven fireplaces in four states, the last fireplace as a written, numerical, dimensional "blueprint" of the message given. Joseph becomes "open" to Henry and their saga begins, as an illustration of the new human being coming in.


Joseph, as The Instruction, says, we Spirits are the children of God in the form of God's energy as sound at the highest frequency. Our sound is a language, a vibratory thought, carried by light and we create; we have powers, mighty powers. This vibratory thought is a form of energy that is electrical but more like the static electricity found in the atmosphere. We come from the North Star area but the sun directs our path. As it comes forth it brings his Father, the energy created at the North Star, carried on its back. He comes into the earth's atmosphere and goes into anything that is an electric form, like the spin of the earth. The spirit adheres to the small world of the atom and infests himself into everything known.

As Spirit sons we create ourselves. We create the insects, the fishes of the sea, and the fowls of the air. We create our own body system drawing to itself to grow from a seed of life, the soul-seed.

This is a spiritual-command-announcement to the world’s people. The Whole True God, the one to whom we are all praying, is the sum total of all Spirit infested upon the face of the earth. All Spirit is in the image of the Whole True God as intangible qualities. The Spirit refers to themselves as the sons or children of the spiritual God. Spirits are true sons, regardless of our sex, because sons and daughters, as the Spirit, are intangible beings.

As human beings we know our neighbor's condition is the same as our own. Your neighbor is an individual, like a planet to his own, with his own operation. Humans are gifted from the celestial system to think and operate the body's functioning, much like the earth receives light, all light, for it’s functioning. Light continues to institute itself into your bloodstream through the capillaries in your head and in the food you eat, the air, and water. The Spirit, your Spirit, or your neighbor's Spirit, or personal God-Creator, or the son, or the children of the Whole True God, gifted the human with life, breath and conscience. Personal conscience is morality and is the intelligence of the Spirit within triggering or igniting the human mind into uplifting the society of people around them for peace and joy.

Know your God, where he is at and talk to him. Your Spirit or your God is within you. Talk to your God with faith and hope. In order to stop violating each other all over the world we have to know where our God is, within you and each one of us humans. The spiritual father's laws to all humans are to not violate one another, to give and forgive. Give of your blessings, praises, and thanks to your neighbor, for his health and for his ways and means of every connection bringing him satisfaction.

To the young and the unborn of tomorrow if you say something negative or demonstrate an ill feeling when you are not feeling good, always ask for forgiveness. This is the gift you give to your neighbor. To give and forgive is to live in spiritual harmony. Regardless, if we are a prophet under the institution of these laws, we are under the same instruction as everyone else. This is a teaching we are all to receive.


1. Do not violate (hurt or harm) your fellow humans. 2. Give your blessings, thanks, and praise to your fellow humans. 3. Forgive. To live in peace, forgiveness has to occur. 4. Communicate with your spirit/soul (within each of you).

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