The Tzó-Nah Fund


The Tzó-Nah Fund is a private, non-profit corporation organized under the State of Idaho 501(c) 3 as a charitable organization.

The Tzó-Nah Fund is a private, non-profit 501(c)3 Corporation organized in the State of Idaho doing business as Native Education World Intelligence (NEWI).  The mission is to provide protection and justice for indigenous peoples as well as the environment. Since 2006, The Tzó-Nah Fund has collaborated with other non-profit organizations pursuing issues related to justice, healing, and religious/scientific research maintained from the perspective of indigenous peoples. Partnering with the Native American Rights Fund (NARF), three significant collaborations include the Global Warming Project, Sacred Lands Project, and Boarding School Healing Project. 


About twenty Alaskan villages are candidates for relocation due to severe erosion as a result of climate change.  Village delegates traveled to Washington DC to attend the First Stewards Symposium, a first-of-its-kind national event, to examine the impact of climate change on indigenous coastal cultures.



Rising seas, Kivalina Native Village, Alaska.

Rising seas, Kivalina Native Village, Alaska.


Protecting sacred ancestral sites and ceremonial lands from encroachment and desecration from mining, oil pipeline development, oil field development, reservoir projects, and recreational public parks.  NARF and The Tzó-Nah Fund have established a call to action to preserve Native American sacred places.


During the mid-1800’s through the 1970’s Native American children were forcibly taken from their families and required to attend federally and church-run boarding schools. This has resulted in high rates of suicide, substance, sexual, physical abuse, and high school dropouts.  NARF and The Tzó-Nah Fund facilitated the formalization of the Native American Boarding School Healing Coalition to address reparation of this multi-generational trauma.

Young stone masonry students.

Young stone masonry students.

Indian Industrial Boarding School, Carlisle, Pa.

Indian Industrial Boarding School, Carlisle, Pa.


The Tzó-Nah Fund supports the efforts of various local, national, and international nonprofit organizations such as,

❖  The American Indian College Fund – Tribal College Scholarships for STEM Scholars (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics).

❖  Idaho Conservation League – Oil & Coal Transport Campaign to prevent the transport of coal and oil in Northern Idaho.

  ❖ Land Trust of the Treasure Valley – Kid’s ’n’ Nature Project and Harrison Hollow preservation.

Native Hawaiian Legal Corporation – Protection, preservation, and perpetuation of Native Hawaiian identity.

❖  Peace Corps – Solar Stove Project, Mexico.