The Tzo’-Nah Fund



The Tzo’-Nah Fund is a private, non-profit corporation organized under the State of Idaho 501(c) 3 as a charitable organization. The Tzo’-Nah Fund’s mission statement provides for indigenous peoples and the environment. Oftentimes, the indigenous and the environment are the same, under the same umbrella. The Tzo’-Nah Fund has participated in the Peace Corp effort, delivering solar cooking stoves to small, rural indigenous villages where the only source of fuel is wood. From a satellite image, the trees were counted at one period of time compared to recent images. It is clear the trees providing a habitat for the animals, birds, fishes, plants, and so on are being cut for fuel. The Peace Corp efforts were very successful as the people found cooking on these stoves easy, portable, and environmentally friendly. The Tzo’-Nah Fund is sustaining support for the American Indian Rights Fund supporting sacred places and boarding school healing project, The American Indian College Fund STEM scholars, Native American Community Development Corporation Financial Literacy and Mini-Bank and First Stewards Symposium to address climate change. The Tzo’-Nah Fund has also participated in local community through the Treasure Valley Land Trust and Idaho Environmental Forum. In 2015 energy and transfer from coal and gas to solar and wind with the Idaho Conservation League. Native Hawaiian Legal Corporation on media awareness. The Tzo’-Nah Fund’s mission provides for “education and research” of indigenous and environmental issues as Native Education World Intelligence.